Cash Magnets Review – Making Money While You are Sleeping

Cash Magnets Review – Making Money While You are Sleeping

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Setting up the listings should be the easy part, after all we’ve carried out our
research, we know how the competition are promoting themselves and we
also have the research information we have gleaned from
What I like to do is put myself in the shoes of my potential buyers and I ask
myself this question.
“If I wanted to buy xxxx what would I search for?”
It’s a simple question; however, thinking like your buyers instead of thinking
like a marketer will increase your chance of cash magnets review .
Here’s a little story, I promise to keep it brief.
Back in 2009 I was selling Acer Aspires as an Amazon associate. As I had my
low-priced items generating the bulk of my Amazon performance fee
requirements; I was making between 6% and 8% on my higher end sales.
This meant I was making between $12 and $17 per unit sold.
I quickly worked out that most of my competitions were trying to rank or bid
for the keywords “Acer Aspire”, so I did something cash magnets review.
I put myself in the shoes of my buyer, a buyer who had already “researched”
the Acer range and decided on a “specific” model.
That’s why the keywords I chose were “Acer Aspire AS1410”. My cost per click
was far less than my competitors who were bidding on “Acer Aspire” and my
articles were ranking higher as I was more “cash magnets review ” specific and the content
concentrated on one product not a whole product range.
Pretty simple, yet very, very effective!

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