Review – Multiple-Tasking Software For Affiliate Review – Multiple-Tasking Software For Affiliate

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If you are creating many versions of the same review (and
you should) it is
very important to word both the title of the
Gig and the description differently (plus use a different
image) from the Gigs you already have created. If you

Fiverr Profitable Plan
won’t, Fiverr will remove them and there is a review they
will only do so after some time (just when they’ll notice it)
and you’ll lose all your Positive Feedback from buyers
which is Essential for achieving success on Fiverr!
When creating a new gig make sure to add the keywords
to the title, throughout the description and also in the
Also add the word ‘ review’ a couple of times in the
description of the Gig (by writing something like ‘If you are
looking for someone to create an amazing intro video,
here on Fiverr seek no more!’ etc). Again, by doing this,
your gig will be ranked higher in the searches.

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