ConversioBot Review – The Intelligent Software to Create Customers and Profits with Chatbox

ConversioBot Review – The Intelligent Software to Create Customers and Profits with Chatbox

Official Site:

It’s very simple. It can be summed up in just 5 steps:
1. Promote the service(s) of adding Instagram/Twitter/Vine
followers or Soundcloud Plays, etc.
(You will be brokering the
service, so you will be the “conversiobot review”)
2. When you get a purchase, get the URL of your client’s
profile (if they want followers), image (if they want likes) or
URL to their song if they want Soundcloud Plays.
3. Order the likes/followers/plays from my supplier for CHEAP
and provide them with your conversiobot review
4. Show your buyer that the followers/likes/plays have been
5. You’ve profited! Now rinse and repeat!
That’s the “simplified” version. Let’s elaborate on it a bit more… You will be the “broker” or “middleman” in this case. What that
means is, you will charge your clients MORE than what you pay for
the service from the “supplier.” The conversiobot review I recommended in this
case charges $1 per 1,000 Twitter followers and only $0.75 per
1,000 Instagram followers/likes.
On Fiverr, you charge your clients $5…
If you sell 1,000 followers (which costs you $1) then you will pocket
$4 and make a
very nice profit (4x your investment)!
You can also offer MORE followers to compete with other sellers…
So if you offer 2,000 or even 3,000 followers for $5, you’re still
making a profit, since it only costs you $1 per 1k followers.
I had a student make $170 from ONE order recently with this…
(he had Fiverr “extras” that allowed people to purchase more
followers/likes per gig and got one BIG order from a client who
ended up being a very happy customer)

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