PBN Press Review – The Secret to Get the Highest Ranking on Google in the Shortest Time

PBN Press Review – The Secret to Get the Highest Ranking on Google in the Shortest Time

Official Site: https://bit.ly/2XhvHrj

STEP 2: When To Pause A Keyword
I like to use a thing called “maximum spend per keyword” to have a dollar value in
place that tells me when I need to pause a pbn press review. Now I can work out this
amount exactly when it’s a straight forward PPC campaign. But with list building
it’s not as easy. We have to figure this number out by gathering some data first.
Let’s run an example:
Say we’re paying $5 per new subscriber to our list, (remember not everyone is
going to subscribe). If we want 5,000 people on the pbn press review , we’re going to have to
spend $5 x 5,000 = $25,000.
Now, before you panic, remember we’re not spending money to NOT make
money. If our average commission, (since there’s more than one product that will
be sold on autopilot), is $20, then we need $25,000/$20 = 1,250
commissions/sales to break even at a lead rate of $5 per subscriber.
If we can cut that subscriber cost in half, to $12,500, then we only need 625
commissions to break even. That’s a bit better isn’t it? But the point is we need
to get the cost per subscriber as low as possible and we don’t know what the
average is yet because we haven’t run any traffic. So we have to let some traffic
run, gather some data, figure out the average cost per subscriber after say a week
or two, then use that number as our guide. That number will now be our
maximum spend per keyword. When a keyword reaches its MSPK, we either keep
it going if it’s under the pbn press review we set, (maximum spend per keyword). Or we
pause it if it’s over the MSPK number we set.

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