Proximity Review – A Powerful System for Huge Passive Income

Proximity Review – A Powerful System for Huge Passive Income

Official Site:

Let‟s say you could get anywhere from 50 – 500 subscribers per FREE WSO (easily
do-able) and get 10% of those to BUY from you using the same methods I‟ve just
shared with you; that‟s at least 200 BUYERS per month and that would add up to
2,400 BUYERS each YEAR added to your lists.
That is looking at the HIGH end of things of course so please be patient with this
and allow for some minor tweaking here and there too before you get to where you
want to be.
And of course all you need to do then is to keep using those BUYERS to further FUEL
this amazing machine that keeps on sending you a multitude of payments every
single day working only a few hours per week once you‟re got them going.
Okay let‟s move onto the next step.
Again with this method you‟ll be leveraging off the back of your lists by doing proximity review with other list owners but in a much more effective and strategic way.
In other words
……….”YOU’LL BE DOING THIS TO GROW YOUR proximity review
. Using the 24/7 ATM Cash System as the vehicle to steer this
method towards where you want it to go.
Ad Swaps recently have been getting some pretty bad press but that is due to lot‟s
of people not taking time out to think outside of the box a little when it comes to
using them much more strategically.
You see anyone can go out and build a list of 500 people and then start doing swaps
with other list owners.
And that is exactly why a lot of people don‟t see the results they were expecting.
Because everyone they swap with is doing the exact same proximity review which means these
lists get used to getting FREE stuff so end up never wanting to pay for anything.
Here are 2 main reasons why most people get ad-swapping completely WRONG:

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