PlayPix Review – Create Quality Studio Videos in Just a Wink

PlayPix Review – Create Quality Studio Videos in Just a Wink

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FaceBook – You may be really good at driving traffic back to websites using
FaceBook as a targeted traffic tool.
Offline Marketing – You may be really good at generating leads for offline
clients and be making a really good living from it.
Graphics – You could create a step by step tutorial course showing others
how to create graphics themselves. This could save others a ton of money on
outsourcing costs. How much do you think learning from a course like this
could be worth to them?
Real Case Studies – Do you have any case studies stored away on your
computer where you‟ve tried a certain money making strategy from one of
the products you‟ve purchased in the past that you have had some success
with? If you have then you have a product ready to go; all that‟s needed to
be done is to extract it from out of your head and into a PDF or a set of
videos showing others how you made those playpix review.
You only have to start with one single product or idea. Getting that first product out
there is the one BIGGEST obstacle most people face when it comes to building a
consistent and solid online business that keeps on paying you as you grow your
buyers list along side that product
Getting that first product out there is the first stepping stone to seeing real success
online. After that you‟ll never be stuck for ideas on what to create as a follow up
Well because you now have more playpix review to share with other than 98% of
newcomers that are already out there; seeking after what you already know.
Think about it for a minute. If you already know how to create a product that is of
high value and can you make money and allow you to start building a buyers list and
make more back end incomes as a result; do you think there will be others out there
who want to know how you did this? Do you think they will gladly whip out there
credit card and pay you for this training or playpix review ?
I think you already know where we‟re going with this right?

Traffic Jeet 4 Review – Does It Really Work?

Traffic Jeet 4 Review – Does It Really Work?

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In fact we‟ve seen people who‟ve bought traffic jeet 4 review , change the sales page
completely by hiring someone out to do the sales copy and graphics, change some
of the main parts of the actual materials that are included then add some HIGH
quality BONUSES to the package and manage to bring in a nice flow of sales in next
to no time.
This can be done and of course you‟ll need to find a reliable team and have a budget
at the same time to be able to pull this off. But again this is now another option that
is open to you. You may already have a budget so if you feel traffic jeet 4 review is the route you
would like to go down then there‟s nothing stopping you doing so.
Here‟s some quick PLR product turn around ideas you could use:
PLR Graphics – People are always looking for high quality traffic jeet 4 review(especially
on the Warrior Forum)
Software – If you have a healthy budget you could look at buying the rights
to some software that can help others achieve particular tasks through that
Plug-ins – People who are heavily into WordPress are always on the look out
for plug-ins that can help them perform a particular task or increase sales via
their blog etc

PixieLogo Review – A new breakthrough in creating highly professional logos

PixieLogo Review – A new breakthrough in creating highly professional logos

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MP3 BASED TRAINING – You can turn your videos into MP3 recordings very
easily using
Camtasia. These can be used to BULK up your membership sites and
for those who like to listen to content and take notes from they have learned.
I‟ve noticed that once people get to know you on all visual, read & vocal levels the
more they feel comfortable with you as a marketer.
And as you can see from the screenshots below it is
SUPER EASY to turn those
previously recorded videos into additional MP3 recordings that can be used in many
other ways for your business too:
Okay we‟ve looked at how you can deliver your content in multiple formats and it‟s
now time to discuss various pixielogo review you can actually CREATE that content starting
from ground ZERO.
LEVERAGING OFF PAST PRODUCTS – You can base your whole membership‟s
sites around past products that you have launched and created. You can also set
these separate trainings to go out at certain times creating longevity for the amount
of time members stay at your site.
Creating and launching individual pixielogo review using the product launch business model
can be very profitable and fun too. So why not make money from those launches,
build your buyers lists and LEVERAGE off the back of those products by adding them
to your members areas as part of your pixielogo review.
Over time these trainings will BULK UP your membership sites and will add REAL
VALUE to them making them irresistible to your new members. You can use the
DRIP FEED method too where your members will be notified that they will receive
ADVANCED XYZ content in months 2, 3, 4, 5 making them stay on as paying
members for much longer

EMProTools Review – The Secret Behind Make Money Through Email Marketing

EMProTools Review – The Secret Behind Make Money Through Email Marketing

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Okay let‟s get into this:
So far you‟ve already created a catalogue of great products that fit a particular need
and solve problems people are looking for online.
These kinds of products always SELL and you know this because you were smart
and followed what BIG product launch creators were already trying to sell and you
created BONUS products to add value to those emprotools review and gave them away via a
download page.
Now it‟s time to bundle those products up and create what is known as a
“RECURRING PAYING MEMBERSHIP SITE” out of emprotools review.
One that PAYS you anywhere from $10, $17, $27, $47, $97, $297 per month online
depending on what price you wish to charge for this service of course.
I have recurring services that charge $17, $27, $47, $97 all the way up to $800 per
month depending on what the service is and how much time I need to spend with
someone to help them build their own successful online business.
Getting paid every single month is such a great feeling because it‟s cash on DEMAND
meaning that no matter what happens from month to month in your business; you
know that you‟re going to get paid.
Okay let‟s get into the MEAT of this step of the emprotools review shall we?
You‟ve already got the content you‟ve created from previous steps of this system so
now it‟s time to look at some potential earning figures from creating these passive
income recurring payment machines.
For example how do these figures sound?

Proximity Review – A Powerful System for Huge Passive Income

Proximity Review – A Powerful System for Huge Passive Income

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Let‟s say you could get anywhere from 50 – 500 subscribers per FREE WSO (easily
do-able) and get 10% of those to BUY from you using the same methods I‟ve just
shared with you; that‟s at least 200 BUYERS per month and that would add up to
2,400 BUYERS each YEAR added to your lists.
That is looking at the HIGH end of things of course so please be patient with this
and allow for some minor tweaking here and there too before you get to where you
want to be.
And of course all you need to do then is to keep using those BUYERS to further FUEL
this amazing machine that keeps on sending you a multitude of payments every
single day working only a few hours per week once you‟re got them going.
Okay let‟s move onto the next step.
Again with this method you‟ll be leveraging off the back of your lists by doing proximity review with other list owners but in a much more effective and strategic way.
In other words
……….”YOU’LL BE DOING THIS TO GROW YOUR proximity review
. Using the 24/7 ATM Cash System as the vehicle to steer this
method towards where you want it to go.
Ad Swaps recently have been getting some pretty bad press but that is due to lot‟s
of people not taking time out to think outside of the box a little when it comes to
using them much more strategically.
You see anyone can go out and build a list of 500 people and then start doing swaps
with other list owners.
And that is exactly why a lot of people don‟t see the results they were expecting.
Because everyone they swap with is doing the exact same proximity review which means these
lists get used to getting FREE stuff so end up never wanting to pay for anything.
Here are 2 main reasons why most people get ad-swapping completely WRONG:

TrendyCom Review – The Only Way to Make Money on an E-commerce Site You don’t Know yet

TrendyCom Review – The Only Way to Make Money on an E-commerce Site You don’t Know yet

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I‟ve had many heated debates with other online marketing friends who prefer to try
and sell a $97 and upwards OTO offer rather than a $7 – $47 offer simply because
they know that they don‟t have to sell as many products to make a BIG CHUNK of
I much prefer to sell low ticket offers and get MORE BUYERS onto my lists.
This is just how my head works and I just LOVE seeing FRESH BUYERS hitting my
sales funnels and joining my lists every single day without fail because I know some
of them will go onto buy bigger packages or all of my low ticket offers anyway.
So if you wish to get a BOAT LOAD of BUYERS onto your lists so you can promote
other people‟s BIG launches and get them to return the favour; then you may wish
to use my approach instead.
Okay so here‟s how you can set this up so that you can add lot‟s of fresh buyers into
your business through the power of FREE WSO‟s.
Also I would like to point out that a FREE trendycom review can pull in a lot of traffic long after
you‟ve originally set one of them up.
I still get to see opt-ins and sales long after I‟ve posted my offers at the Warrior
The main aim of running FREE WSO‟s is to try and filter out any BUYERS from the
freebie seekers.
The image above shows how you can offer a “trendycom review ” “Down-sell” OTO offer to
anyone that doesn‟t buy it right away. You can use a program like
Lead Pages or a
Wordpress Plug-in like
Optimize Press 2.0 that allows you to redirect someone to
a “Down-sell” page just to see if they have any trendycom review to BUY something from you.
Even if they refuse that offer you can always try a $1 trial offer and redirect them to
that just to see if they have spending power or not.

WP Affiliate Machine Review –Why Should You Buy It?

WP Affiliate Machine Review –Why Should You Buy It?

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You‟ll offer something of real value for free and then once those visitors click on the
link to get their free gift they will be met by your opt in form/page where they‟ll then
enter their email and in return for that email they will get your free product.
PLEASE NOTE: Very recently wp affiliate machine review has allowed you to create a payment
button that has the word “FREE” on it so that when someone clicks on that button
they then need to enter their email address and they will then be automatically
added to your list.
Allow me to show you in greater detail how wp affiliate machine review can be done:
You can log into your Warrior Plus account and then click on the “Vendors” tab and
then on the “Add new product” tab as shown below:
Now you can begin listing your new FREE WSO product.
First of all you‟ll need to list it as a FREE product.
IMPORTANT NOTE – Please make sure that you link your email A.R. to this listing
before you move onto the next step. You can do this by scrolling down this page
once you get to it and then selecting the wp affiliate machine review you want to link it to.
This will then make sure that when someone clicks on the download button after
entering their email address; they will be automatically added to your FREE WSO list.

Bulletproof Commissions Review- Why Should You Buy It?

Bulletproof Commissions Review- Why Should You Buy It?

Official Site;

Well why not HELP the BIG product creators out even more with their launches by
not only offering a BONUS to add to their launch but by actually SENDING THEM
LOT‟S OF SALES and BUYERS when you promote their offers to your own lists.
One word:
This means that when YOU decide to launch your next bulletproof commissions review online (because you
now have over 30 hours of content to dip into (Month 2)) these product creators will
be more than happy to return the favour and reciprocate for you.
You‟ve seen the JV leader boards out there right?
If not then join a JV event yourself by entering your email for their launch updates
and you‟ll get updates whilst the product is LIVE with all the names of those
affiliates who are sending the most sales etc for that launch.
If YOU can get to the TOP of these leader boards then you‟ll begin to get noticed as
a JV partner but not only that you‟ll be building
these marketers too.
And then once you are in their bulletproof commissions review of trust so to speak; you can then approach
them and ask them whether they would like to promote for one of your bulletproof commissions review
You see it is all about becoming an active member of the marketing community by
being someone who helps others and that in turn allows you to start earning
“EXPERT” status and an authority figure status in your niche.
When people begin to see you rubbing shoulders and touching base with other
names in the community; you‟ll automatically be seen as an authority and someone
who has lots of credibility too.

Live Video Bot Review – 60 Seconds For Your Live Video to Reach Your Visitors

Live Video Bot Review – 60 Seconds For Your Live Video to Reach Your Visitors

Official Site:

Okay so let‟s now assume that you took action on the first method that showed you
how to shovel HUGE amounts of buyers into your business and you now have gained
some much needed momentum you can now take full advantage of and take to the
next live video bot review.
The first method I showed you should only take you a few hours per week to get
So that leaves you with more than enough time to be able to add another
“Extremely Powerful” income stream into your 24/7 Cash System working just 30
minutes per day in most cases.
Once you get going with this it shall take much less time too because you‟ll become
more effective and time efficient as you progress with live video bot review .
You see once you have a list of buyers to play with and you have started making
money from that list of buyers by sending relevant affiliate offers out to them; you
can now begin to SHARE your results/skills you‟ve picked up etc along the way.
This is where the “30 minutes per day” method can take what you‟re currently
earning from “Step #1” and EXPLODE your live video bot review wide open.
So what does this step require you to do for just 30 minutes per day?
You’ll be CREATING CONTENT every single day for just 30 minutes!!!
That‟s it.

VideoMax Review – Does It Really Work?

VideoMax Review – Does It Really Work?

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In Warrior Plus and JV Zoo you can offer a “BONUS LINK” where if someone buys
that particular product through your special link they will receive a BONUS via the
download page after buying through your videomax review
All that is required is for you to set up a special gift page and then instead of
sending the new buyers directly to the product creators download page to grab your
BONUS too; you can send them to a squeeze page where they can only get access
to your BONUS after signing up to your list first.
This works great as you know that you are now only building a BUYERS list right off
the bat instead of trying to convert prospects into buyers instead.
Technique #5 – Sneaking in the back door videomax review
Price Range/Your Investment – $0
This works best if you already have a list and how I came about this was completely
by accident.
What happened was I received an email from a videomax review of mine who wanted me
to mail out for them (reciprocate) to one of their latest offers. So naturally I returned
the favour as they had mailed out for me in the past but my results were a lot more
than I‟d expected.
Not too shabby eh; over $600 for one single promotion.
So why did this surprise me? Well because this particular product was well over 3
months old at the time and my JV buddy forgot that I owed them a favour and
asked for the return a little late.
So what I found from this was that sometimes it‟s better to wait until all the noise
from your competition dies down come launch day and promote offers a little while
after they have been launched previously.
A lot of subscribers feel intimidated on launch days due to the high amount of
similar emails (swipe emails) offering the same product or service on that particular