AffiliStores Review – Sales boom on Major Commercial Sites

AffiliStores Review – Sales boom on Major Commercial Sites

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1. Pay per Click: Pay per click (PPC) is a form of Internet advertising that directs
traffic to a website, and the advertiser then pays the website owner when
someone clicks onto the add. So, instead of bidding on keywords relevant to
their target audience, the PPC displays, which are usually some sort of banner
ad, are placed onto either search engine results or some sort of website that has
content that is related to the item for sale in the ad.
Pay Per Click Networks
2. Pay per Call: Pay-per-call is a type of performance based advertising
somewhat similar to Pay per Click. The difference is that instead of there being a
fee for each click, the business must pay their service provide a fee for each call
when the customer calls the connected affilistores review
Pay Per Call Networks
3. Email Newsletter: Email newsletters are updates that a business sends out to
customers who have signed up to receive various notices from that business.
They are sent out on a regular basis and could include tips, facts, savings, and
special offers. Some include HTML hyperlinks to go to the business website for
more information. The content is written by a copywriter and the newsletter is
designed by a graphic designer.
4. Solo Ads: Solo Ads are an email centered advertising method that works
through a system two marketers have agreed upon that is used to reach the
subscribers to the program. The Internet marketer sends out emails to the
subscribers on the behalf of the other marketer in order to show their offers or
ads. It usually has between eight and 10 lines of text
5. Podcasting: Podcasting is a method of sending out audio files via affilistores review . It is
done just like any other RSS feed except that the feed subscribed to is an audio
one instead of a text one. The resulting podcast can be listed on a website by a
clickable link.
6. Traffic Agencies: Traffic agencies are services that create, plan and manage
advertising and other promotions for their affilistores review. They can also handle
marketing and branding plans for their clients

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