LinkedProfits Review – Solution for High Quality and High Quantity Leads

LinkedProfits Review – Solution for High Quality and High Quantity Leads

Official Site:

All I did was abbreviate the name of the product and now I have a nice and easy link I
can reference in my video for people to go to. And when they click on this link or type it
into their browser linkedprofits review will redirect them to my affiliate link.
Then all I have to do is say something like this in my video:
“Grab this product with my exclusive bonuses right now by and visiting
linkedprofits review
This works well because people that don’t scroll down to the description to get your link
have a nice easy link that they can remember and type into their browser and still get to
that product with your affiliate link.
A screencast video is when you record your screen as you go through something. I find
this type of recording to be great to give people a peek inside the product. Take them to
the download page and show off some of the key points of the product. Show some of
the videos in the product or maybe the mind map or checklist that came with it, or even
open up the e­book if it’s an ebook and show some of the key areas in there as well.
Important:Make sure that if you do this you don’t reveal the download page link of the
products. Most video software will allow you to blur things out. Make sure you use that
feature to blur out the download page link. Or you can even crop your video so the
address bar is not shown within the linkedprofits review.
Ranking Your Videos
In this section I want to give you some tips for ranking your review videos. I will go over
some of the best ways to optimize your videos for SEO. So here we go…

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