Affiliate Hub Review – New future for your online business with a smart tool

Affiliate Hub Review – New future for your online business with a smart tool

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Email List
In the beginning your email list may not be an option for driving traffic to your site. But
as your review site grows and your email list grows it will most likely become the
number one source of traffic for your site.
Once you have people on your email list you can send them anywhere you want again
and again. And if you are trying to make affiliate commissions sending them to your
review site is key. We will get more into building your list later in this guide but I wanted
you to be aware that your email list will be a key component to driving traffic to your
review sites.
Make your reviews easy to share
Now that we have amazing content we want to make it easy to share. This can be done
a number of different ways such as sharing plugins, click to tweet buttons, using call to
actions, pop ups, slide ins and more. The important part is you give your audience a lot
of different ways to share your content and encourage them to do so with call to actions.
Here is an example of using the Digg Digg plugin that is a slider that slides along my
affiliate hub review.
This makes it incredibly easy for people to share this content with a click of a button.
Interviews (Utilize Influencers)
Want to know one of the best ways to get an influencer in your affiliate hub review to share your
content? Sure you do!
Well here it is. The best way to get an influencer to share your content is to include
them in your content. And one of the best ways to do this as a product reviewer is
interviewing product creators. When you start to interview product creators they will
often share your review with their subscribers and even post it out on their affiliate hub review

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