MSGLock Review – Simplify the Process of Lead Generation

MSGLock Review – Simplify the Process of Lead Generation

Official Site:

Yet Another Related Posts Plugin
● Ultimate Coming Soon Plugin (allows you to build your site while not being live,
great for pre launch)
● AuthorHReview ­ Great to add star ratings to your reviews (has a lot of other built
in features as well.
The Essential Pages Of Your Site
Now you want to create content for your static pages. If you are going to have a static
home page you will want to create that. I prefer to have a blog style home page that
shows my most recent reviews but it is up to you how you want to lay it out. It is your
business right? You will also want to create the other necessary static pages listed
Nothing too exciting but all of these things are necessary to running a business online.
● About Us
● Contact Page
● Resources Page (Great for pulling in some extra msglock review)
● Privacy Policy
● Copyright Notice
● Earnings Disclaimer
● Terms And Conditions
● Website Disclaimer
● Copyright Footer
If you are unsure what kind of content for any of these pages consider looking at similar
sites and competing sites. Use these sites to generate some ideas and inspiration for
your pages.
Your category structure
How To Choose Your msglock review
For your review site you want to set up your categories so that you have a separate
category for each type of product you will be promoting.
Add Categories to your sidebar
I also like to add the categories to the sidebar of my site. You can do this by adding the
categories widget to the sidebar. Here is how you do msglock review :
Click Appearance → Widgets
Then drag the categories widget into your primary sidebar area
How to layout your site for maximum conversions
The 5 best places to capture leads on your site
Now we want to make our site a lead capturing machine. And what we are going to do
is look at the five best places to capture those leads..
1. Below the menu­ One of the places I have had the most success capturing leads on
my site is right below the menu. And this works really well because when people first hit
your site it’s usually right at eye­level. They will typically see it right before they start to
view your content.

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