Soci jam Review – More wonderful world on Facebook

Soci jam Review – More wonderful world on Facebook

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Don’t be in a rush to discount your soci jam review too early as you may miss the “sweet
. This is the price-point where not only are you getting the bulk of your
sales; you are also getting a good margin of profit.
You can repeat the 48 hour price reduction until it no longer makes viable
sense as there is NO profit left in the item.
As long as I’m making 10% profit or more I will list that product!
NOTE: if a soci jam review isn’t selling simply, delist the item, move on, find another
product to list and forget about the ones that are not making you money. I
would also suggest removing listings over 7 days old that a) have not made
sales or b) do not have at least 15 “watchers” – people who have “clicked” to
watch the item in the off chance they may buy.
You will learn to be ruthless with your listings and replace the duds with fresh
listings that may just be the ones your potential customers are going to snap
Congratulations you’ve made a soci jam review
There is no feeling quite like making your first sale!
Because you have set yourself up for success and “organised” your business as
shown in the previous sections, fulfilling the order will take you under 5
minutes! (Please take the time to get organised)
Simply refer back to your research folder and locate the item and you’ll have
all the information needed to find the product in Amazon, especially if you
have used the product ASIN number within a spreadsheet.
Simply enter the ASIN number in the Amazon Search bar and hit “enter”

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