Affiliate Genie Review – 6-figure Affiliate Campaigns Creator Ever

Affiliate Genie Review – 6-figure Affiliate Campaigns Creator Ever

Official Site:

This approach knocks 2 birds with one stone.
You address the sceptic up front
You use curiosity to keep someone glued to your email by
stating questions they have about your affiliate genie review.
I know of at least 2 top-level marketers who use this approach
with amazing results!
As explained before, these affiliate genie review are powerful. However, the
main aspect of this module is to always pay attention to the
journey your subscribers are on……….
Place your product as the next affiliate genie review
And then use one or more of the above techniques to really ramp
up sales.
By this point, if you have followed all of the valuable tips given by
our 6 figure marketers, you will have a responsive list, and many of
these subscribers have bought their first product from you.
Well done! You have already got to a stage that many would-be
marketers never get to.
Not that email marketing is difficult. In fact, if you’ve gone through
all the modules in this report, you will have realised that it’s actually
quite simple.
And yet, many marketers fail. Why?
Because most marketers don’t care about their subscribers.
To repeat what one expert marketer said previously:

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VideoSumo Review – Build Your Own Instant Traffic Hubs In Minutes

VideoSumo Review – Build Your Own Instant Traffic Hubs In Minutes

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It also pays to really read through the sales page of any product you
Does it make
you want to buy the videosumo review ? If it does, then chances
are your subscribers will also want to buy.
No matter how good a product is, if it doesn’t have a good
sales page or sales video, it won’t sell
Use YOUR credibility to sell your product
Your credibility is what sells the product.
When sending your subscribers to an affiliate offer, attach your own
credibility to the videosumo review
Most marketers just send out promotional emails for affiliate
products without any personalisation, and this seriously affects
click-through and sales rates.
Remember, your subscribers have a relationship with YOU.
Tell them about a problem you have been having and how long you
have had this problem.
Tell them how you found this product and used it, that it worked and
this is why you are recommending it to your subscribers.
In other words, ‘if it’s good enough for me, it’s good enough for my
loyal subscribers.’
Always keep in mind that people buy benefits, not features.
By stating that you have used a videosumo review yourself and it worked, you
immediately imply the benefits (‘if it worked for this person, it could
work for me’).

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OnPoint Review – Does It Really Work?

OnPoint Review – Does It Really Work?

Official Site:

Promoting a product outside the journey –
Method 1
What if you have found a great product that isn’t the ‘next logical
step’ for your subscribers?
Can you promote it? It can be done.
Two of our pro marketers use their P.S to link to a product they are
selling for virtually every email they send out.
Generally, selling something in the P.S. section is not a good idea.
And yet, these 2 marketers link to a product in their P.S. section
virtually every time. How do they get away with it?
They remain mindful of the journey their subscribers are on.
So, for the Facebook example, if you’ve sent an email on
Facebook, there is nothing wrong with placing a Facebook product
in your P.S……..even if it’s the very first email in the series.
By placing it in the P.S. it acts as way for a subscriber to ‘fast
forward’ their progress by buying the product – it’s not ‘salesy’.
P.S. example:
Promoting a product outside the journey –
Method 2
Another expert marketers sent an email out to his list late last year
that was completely outside of the journey his subscribers
(including me) were on.
He had gone to a conference where he spoke to a lady who was on
the cusp of releasing an Amazon course.
This is completely outside of what he teaches (building a list and
selling information products).
But he felt this was a fantastic opportunity for anyone who wanted
to make money using the ecommerce route.
So he sent an email to his list describing his ‘find’.
He explained that this was not what he does, but he felt the
opportunity was so good, he HAD to let his subscribers know.
He explained that, if he wasn’t so busy with his current
business he would look into onpoint review himself.
He even did his own video review (linked to from the email
sent to his list – we’ve already covered in Module 2 how
powerful video reviews can be)
Why did this work so well?
This expert marketer has built up a loyal list of subscribers, many
who have been reading his emails for several months.
Even though this product was outside his onpoint review, it
didn’t feel like he was selling ‘any old product to make a fast buck’.
He was honest – the course was outside his field. He made it
obvious that this course is not part of the journey. But he just
had to tell us all about this great course!
He is our trusted advisor and it was his duty to tell us about
anything that could lead us to our onpoint review.
See how this worked so brilliantly for him?

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The Profit Factory Review – Become a Powerful Entrepreneur with a Training Course

The Profit Factory Review – Become a Powerful Entrepreneur with a Training Course

Official Site:

Again, most email providers will not show the full opening sentence
from the inbox.
But, within the first few words, you’ve revealed that you have
something startling to share.
Can you see how compelling this is?
Any parent would feel that they must read this email so they can
stop holding their the profit factory review
Value-led technique
Another tactic that is less dramatic (and therefore can be used more
often) is to use the opening line to demonstrate the value of
opening and reading your email.
This is a powerful tactic as you are using the emotions you know
your market feels, their dreams, desires, fears etc, and then feeding
this back to them to build instant the profit factory review.
A parent who’s just found out they may be unwittingly destroying
their child’s self-confidence is, of course, going to be upset.
You are actually mirroring exactly how they feel, instantly make
them feel that you understand them, you ‘get’ them.
Again, this does not need to have a negative spin
Scarcity technique
The last opening line tactic is one to be used sporadically, and
usually when an offer is being made (paid or free the profit factory review ).
We all hate missing out on things. Why do so many of us respond
to sales? Or take up supermarket offers?
Because if we don’t take up the offer in time, we lose out.
The fear of losing out can supersede any reservations we have
from committing to a purchase or offer.

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Email ToolKit Review – Sales Boom with Email Marketing

Email ToolKit Review – Sales Boom with Email Marketing

Official Site:

I get sent lots of marketing emails apparently reviewing a product
Most of the time I can tell it’s not a review but actually a promotion.
We humans have the ability, some more than others, to ‘sniff out’
anything that feels not quite right.
Your subscribers will also sniff out your true motives of promoting to
them to make a fast email toolkit review if you don’t review products honestly.
NEVER use the swipe emails that can come with products. Review
in your own words and your particular style of writing.
Review a product and tell people the good, the bad and the ugly.
Find products that are bad and tell your email toolkit review to avoid them –
especially if every other marketer is telling them to buy it – it
differentiates you from others and builds trust.
Don’t find products specifically to do negative reviews all the time.
When the time comes to promote a product, and you’ve been
negative about other email toolkit review, it will look like you were simply
badmouthing the ‘competition’.
If you find a product that’s great, say so!
One of our expert marketers goes one further to prove his honesty:

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Pixamattic Review – 100% Honest Review From GlennReview

Pixamattic Review – 100% Honest Review From GlennReview

Official Site:

These free products, by the way, are not massive courses, just
simple ‘free reports’ or ‘free videos’.
What he would have sent out as standard content in follow-up
emails, he simply changes the format (downloadable PDF, video,
audio etc) and positions them as ‘bonuses’.
Crucially, he does not sell anything in the free gifts.
People are used to receiving free reports or videos that are nothing
more than a sales pitch.
Instead, he stands out amongst a sea of marketers by simply giving
away valuable pixamattic review .
And not just the once, but 2-3 times within a week or so from initial
Give away valuable content for FREE. Don’t hold back
Your subscribers need to know how good your advice is.
If you give great free advice, they will think ‘if the free advice is this
good, the paid pixamattic review  must be fantastic!’
Sequential storytelling technique
This technique is basically breaking up the ‘who I am, what I do,
what I stand for’ etc etc into 3-5 chunks that can emailed out
sequentially by autoresponder every 24 hours.
Why does this tactic work? A discovery made by a neurologist a few
years ago proved that all human beings are hard-wired to listen to
Why do we all avidly watch films, plays, and soaps?
When compared to simply absorbing information, information
received via stories wins every single time.
Even 15-30 second adverts will go through a pixamattic review .
For example, a cleaning product will show someone struggling with
cleaning the kitchen and being frustrated.

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Simple Video Management System 2018 Review – Why Should You Buy It?

Simple Video Management System 2018 Review – Why Should You Buy It?

Official Site:

The truth will set you free! Learn how our 6 and 7 figure marketers
build an instant connection with their new simple video management system 2018 review which turns
them into future buyers.
How to build an instant connection with your new subscribers
Rapport email technique – weeds out timewasters on your list
Feedback simple video management system 2018 review – build two-way communication from the
Unexpected value technique – how to ‘over deliver’ to create a
Sequential storytelling technique – the importance of
storytelling when building trust with your subscribers
Personal introductions simple video management system 2018 review – how to create a personal
connection to you
Avoid the email filters – if your emails are filtered out of the
main inbox, you’ll never reach your subscribers
Module 2: Build incredible rapport and trust with your list
You can only sell products to subscribers who are engaged. Learn
from our expert marketers how to build unbreakable trust and
rapport so that your subscribers will click ‘buy’ as soon as you make
an offer.
Incremental steps – make your subscribers look forward to
your emails
Unlimited content – where to find a never-ending stream of
ideas for – never suffer from ‘blinking cursor syndrome’
Honest product reviews – how to review products and become
a ‘trusted advisor ‘
Video reviews – stand out like a beacon amongst the other

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ClipsReel Review – Implement Video Marketing Using Artificial Intellgence

ClipsReel Review – Implement Video Marketing Using Artificial Intellgence

Official Site:

That’s a great sign!
I’m not trying to fool you – I know there aren’t a lot of people searching for
“aqua cotton I love t-shirt for people who crochet”. However, this is just a
start. As the post ages, it can rank for shorter phrases that will get more
search activity such as “aqua crochet t-shirt” or even “crochet t-shirt”.
On one of my gift sites a post a very long title ranks #2 in Google for a 3
word search phrase that gets more traffic – as well as ranking for 15 other
phrases. That’s why these short posts can work. They’re targeted, they
bring in traffic for multiple variations of your post title words, and they very
nicely display a great product match with an obvious call to action button
It just takes time. Your rankings will improve. You’ll rank first for very
long-tail phrases and start to move up in Google for shorter, related
keywords which means more traffic and more sales for each post.
You should use the Google Fetch process every time you publish a new post.
Eventually, Google will crawl your site automatically within minutes of you
publishing a new post and then you can stop using Google Fetch.
ASSIGNMENT: Add your site to Google
Webmaster Tools, submit your clipsreel review
and use Google Fetch to get your first post
indexed in Google.
See What You Did?
It’s hard to tell with all the detail outlined in the instructions just exactly how
this works out to a one hour strategy but here’s the outline of what you’ve
accomplished above:
1. Chose a niche – 10 minutes
2. Created a search-engine-optimized, free clipsreel review – 15 minutes
3. Found a product for your niche on Amazon – 5 minutes
4. Wrote 5 sentences about the product – 10 minutes
5. Published a new post using your written content and linking to a
product on Amazon – 5 minutes
6. Got the post indexed in Google – 5 minutes
Total: 50 minutes (and that included creating the
blog and submitting your clipsreel review to Google
which you only have to do once!)

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MailScriptX Review – Breakthrough Software to Make Huge Profits with Email Marketing

MailScriptX Review – Breakthrough Software to Make Huge Profits with Email Marketing

Official Site:

Click on the Preview button to see what your post will
look like when it is live and make sure everything looks
okay. It should look something like this:
i. When you’re done checking the post, click the
Publish (or
Update) button to the right – a pop up box may appear
asking if you want to share your new post on Google+. I
usually hit the Cancel button on that box as I don’t have
Google+ followers who would be interested in my affiliate
marketing posts.
Your post is now live and you can click the View link under
the post title in your list of published posts to see how it
k. Both the image and the buy button will be clickable and
are linked to Amazon with your affiliate link. You can
check this by hovering over the product image or buy
button and checking to see that your affiliate link is
showing in the lower left corner of your browser:
In your Blogger dashboard, click the option to add a new post.
Depending on what Blogger screen you’re on you may see a
different button or link for a new post than what’s in the image
below. If you don’t see any option to start a new mailscriptx review then click on
the link in the upper left corner for My Blogs and look for the new
post button next to the name of the blog you just created.
2. Give the post a title – the formula for this post’s title is:
a. Work in an adjective or two at the start of the post title –
DO NOT use the product name from Amazon as the exact
title of your post. Amazon is already trying to rank their
page for that title so why try to beat them? Instead, think
of other ways to describe the mailscriptx review . Consumers search
with adjectives:
“small Chihuahua figurine”, “pink t-shirt
for nurses with funny quote”,
“brass framed inspirational
“extra-large coffee mug”. By working an
adjective or two into the post title you’ll rank better for
related, long-tail search words in Google.
b. After your adjectives, tack on a short description of the
product – “Women’s T-Shirt”, “mailscriptx review”, “Motivational
Poster”, “Keychain”
c. Put the words “Gift for [your niche] at the end of the title
Example final post title might be: Aqua Cotton I
Love T-Shirt Gift for People who Crochet (the words
“aqua” and “cotton” were my adjectives, the words
“I Love T-Shirt” describe the product, then I added
“gift for people who crochet” to represent my niche)
3. Put your post title in the title field at the top of the post editor

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7 Figure Firesale Review – Does It Really Work?

7 Figure Firesale Review – Does It Really Work?

Official Site:

There are two sets of instructions below depending on whether or not you
are already 7 figure firesale review
If you already have an Amazon Associate account, follow the instructions
If you don’t yet have an Amazon Associates account then click here to jump
to your instructions:
1. Log into your Amazon Associates account so you can add your new
blog to your account settings:
a. Click on Account Settings and then click the “Edit your
website list” link and add 7 figure firesale review  as one of your
domains (Amazon won’t take the longer URL for your blog
so all you can do when using Blogger is to enter
“” instead of the full URL to your blog’s home
Click on Account Settings again and select the option to “Manage
your tracking IDs” so you can add a new tracking ID that will be
unique to this blog (that way you’ll know which site is generating
sales in case you have more than one 7 figure firesale review)
a. Click the button to add a tracking ID
Give the tracking ID a short name that relates to your site
so you’ll be able to tell which site is generating the clicks
on your Amazon links and then click the Search button

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