ClipsReel Review – Implement Video Marketing Using Artificial Intellgence

ClipsReel Review – Implement Video Marketing Using Artificial Intellgence

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That’s a great sign!
I’m not trying to fool you – I know there aren’t a lot of people searching for
“aqua cotton I love t-shirt for people who crochet”. However, this is just a
start. As the post ages, it can rank for shorter phrases that will get more
search activity such as “aqua crochet t-shirt” or even “crochet t-shirt”.
On one of my gift sites a post a very long title ranks #2 in Google for a 3
word search phrase that gets more traffic – as well as ranking for 15 other
phrases. That’s why these short posts can work. They’re targeted, they
bring in traffic for multiple variations of your post title words, and they very
nicely display a great product match with an obvious call to action button
It just takes time. Your rankings will improve. You’ll rank first for very
long-tail phrases and start to move up in Google for shorter, related
keywords which means more traffic and more sales for each post.
You should use the Google Fetch process every time you publish a new post.
Eventually, Google will crawl your site automatically within minutes of you
publishing a new post and then you can stop using Google Fetch.
ASSIGNMENT: Add your site to Google
Webmaster Tools, submit your clipsreel review
and use Google Fetch to get your first post
indexed in Google.
See What You Did?
It’s hard to tell with all the detail outlined in the instructions just exactly how
this works out to a one hour strategy but here’s the outline of what you’ve
accomplished above:
1. Chose a niche – 10 minutes
2. Created a search-engine-optimized, free clipsreel review – 15 minutes
3. Found a product for your niche on Amazon – 5 minutes
4. Wrote 5 sentences about the product – 10 minutes
5. Published a new post using your written content and linking to a
product on Amazon – 5 minutes
6. Got the post indexed in Google – 5 minutes
Total: 50 minutes (and that included creating the
blog and submitting your clipsreel review to Google
which you only have to do once!)

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