DROPSHIP ON DEMAND Review – A Proven Strategy to Sell Physical Products

DROPSHIP ON DEMAND Review – A Proven Strategy to Sell Physical Products

Official Site: https://bit.ly/2MkFevk

In the Comments section change the “Who Can Comment” field to
“Only members of this blog” and change the “Comment Moderation”
field to “Never”. This will prevent visitors from being able to
comment and will stop any spam. You can always change these
settings later as you grow the site and want to allow interaction
with your site visitors.
This dropship on demand review  shows the different “gadgets” (or sections) that make
up your site – find the About Me gadget in the right sidebar and
click the Edit button
Click the Remove button in the pop up screen and then click the OK
button to completely remove the Blog Archive gadget
22. Click the Add a Gadget link in the right sidebar
Amazon requires that all Associates put a specific disclosure on
their sites. Even if you’re not yet an Amazon Associate, I want you
to put this disclosure in the text gadget on your site. That way,
when you become an Amazon Associate this step will be covered.
Paste the following text into your dropship on demand review but
replace [Name
of Your Blog] with the actual name of your blog
[Name of Your Blog] is a participant in the Amazon
Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising
program designed to provide a means for sites to earn
advertising fees by advertising and linking to amazon.com.
Uncheck the boxes for:
At: time (we don’t need to show the exact time we published the
post and having it just adds an unnecessary link inside our dropship on demand review
to an archive we’re not using)
Show Share Buttons (these just add a lot of unnecessary
outbound links to our posts and this kind of site only really needs
to be shared on Pinterest and that can be done without having
the share buttons at the bottom of every post)
Location (no reason to show our geographical location in every

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