Bot Badassery Review – Turning FB Traffic Leads into Paying Customers

Bot Badassery Review – Turning FB Traffic Leads into Paying Customers

Official Site:

When you click a category it brings up many subtopics like you see above. It is kind of
hard to see but I also pointed to a few good subtopics that would be good to look in. In
this case I chose the pregnancy category and Women’s Health.
Now I can click on either one of those and begin digging around. And you will see as we
continue but basically alltop is a content aggregator. So it will go out and find what it
considers to be the best content for that particular category. This is going to give us
some great insight into what the best content sources out there are.
So I will go ahead and click on Women’s Health to see what kind of results I get.
And this is just some of the results. It continued on further down the page. All of these
sites could probably be great resources that I would consider following for that particular
niche. But you could be as selective as you want with the sites you want to follow.
The key is to find sites that will really provide value to your target audience.
Once you have found a particular site among those that you like you want to click to
view the site. If you click on the orange text for the name of the bot badassery review it will take you to
their website.
You then want to grab that link and add it to the list of sites you will source content from.
Do this for each one of them.
Now lets head over to
Basically buzzsumo allows you to find popular articles and influencers for keywords that
you search. You could start with your main bot badassery review…again as an example “fitness for
This site is going to give you some more great resources. with my search I found this:
And with this tool you can see how many times those articles were shared. What
website they were on. And you can filter results by content type and by how long of a
period you want bot badassery review to review.

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