Lead Siphon Review – Engaging Viewers by Quizzes, CTAs into Videos

Lead Siphon Review – Engaging Viewers by Quizzes, CTAs into Videos

Official Site: https://bit.ly/2O0V0IS

The first plot is “reluctant selling”. This plot works because it is different than what most
people are used to reading in sales letters. In most cases, the situation is you are trying to
sell them something, and the reader is trying to come up with reasons NOT to buy. There
is almost always resistance when you are pushing someone to do lead siphon review– even if it’s in
their best interest.
You can side step that resistance, and completely nullify it if you position yourself to
appear as though you don’t care if they buy from you at all, and that you don’t really even
want or need to sell to them (even though, of course you want them to buy).
In this case, you want to talk about how you were initially not even very excited to share
the solution that you came up with, because you knew it would take a lot of work to do it
right, and in that time you could’ve been doing other things that would give you better
results quicker.
However, you decided, due to some unique circumstance, to bite the bullet and create and
offer the lead siphon review anyway… but it’s a solution that you only want people who meet certain
conditions to consider.
Then, casually present the benefits, proof and everything else that will help you sell the
product, but don’t push lead siphon review, and always remain “aloof”. You really want to give them the
impression that they need you more than you need them.
This is very hard to accomplish until you’ve gotten really good at writing stories, and
that’s why I call it an advanced plot. However, if the conditions are right, and your story
telling skills are solid, you can make this work. But it is much more of an art than a
science, and can really only be understood with a lot of practice and experience.
The second plot is advanced, not because it’s a hard plot to write, but because you need to
have an additional skill or a special situation. This is the “transparent” plot, and is the
complete opposite of the “reluctant selling” plot

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