Affiliate Raid Review – Grow Your List with Effortless

Affiliate Raid Review – Grow Your List with Effortless

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The best part is that if you setup your affiliate raid review correctly you can
even redirect the user to your affiliate link automatically after 10
seconds without them needing to click OK or Continue.
This way whoever lands on your thanks page has a chance to read
your message saying YES your free gift has been sent… but also that
you are now being taken to your destination.
This destination just so happens to be your affiliate link! hehe.
Now, you could take the time to find the best affiliate raid review
possible and make it do all these things, setup the thanks page, and
redirect page, etc
BUT who wants to go through all that trouble?
I have setup the perfect tool just for you, that does ALL this work in
about 2 seconds flat.
The best part is I am giving you lifetime access to this exact tool as a
free bonus!
This is my “Squeeze Ninja” squeeze page builder.
Please see BONUS #7 in your download package to begin using affiliate raid review!
It does everything for you automatically, so you won’t have to
worry about setting up your own money-making affiliate funnel.

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Profiteer Review – Why Should You Buy It?

Profiteer Review – Why Should You Buy It?

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There are a ton of different ways to create great bonuses that are going to make people
want to purchase using your link. The key is to be creative with it and add value to the
product. And finally don’t spend too much time on profiteer review. If it’s going to take you longer to
create the bonus than the product creator took to create a product you should just be
launching a product of your own.
PLR or giveaway products as bonuses
Another great way to add bonuses to your affiliate offerings is using profiteer review or
products with giveaway rights. These are products that you have the rights to edit
and/or giveaway.
I like to keep a library of PLR products on my computer for when I want to add a bonus
to an offer and don’t have time to create one. Anytime you acquire PLR products
archive it and save it for a nice bonus package when the time comes.
There are a lots of different places to get high quality PLR and giveaway products from.
Some of them require a membership while others you can buy the profiteer review outright. I
prefer to keep a membership in one or a couple of these sites so I have a constant flow
of new products to giveaway.

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Green Screen Studio Review – Design a Professional Video with Only a Click

Green Screen Studio Review – Design a Professional Video with Only a Click

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Embed your videos where relevant
● Promote videos on social media
● Send videos to your email list
Video Links
● Link to your videos when covering something on that topic.
● Use anchor text with your green screen studio review when linking to your video if possible
● Embed your videos on your review site
Video Time Watched
● Create interesting videos that keep people watching
● Link to your other related videos to get people to watch more of your videos
Video Likes
● Make sure you announce to people they should click like on your videos. Even if
someone likes your stuff they won’t click like unless you remind them too.
Ask people to like your videos in the green screen studio review. I like to announce to people
that if they got value from my video please like it as it helps me out.
● Use annotations to remind people to like your videos
Channel Subscribers
● Remind people to subscribe to your green screen studio review in your videos. Let them know they
will be getting the best and latest product reviews
● Use annotations to remind people to subscribe.
● Make sure your remind people to subscribe in your video descriptions
● Have a professional looking YouTube channel that encourages subscriptions
Video Comments
● Remind people to comment in your videos
● Use annotations to ask for comments
● Ask people a question in your description or ask them to leave feedback
Another great way to really create great content and promote of products at the same
time is using interviews. Basically what you will be doing is interviewing product vendors
about a product that they’re getting ready to launch or a product that they have recently

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DesignLikePro Review – How To Give Your WordPress A Total Makeover

DesignLikePro Review – How To Give Your WordPress A Total Makeover

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Are you struggling?
Are you struggling to achieve success because you can’t get traffic to your website?
Agitate the pain point
Dig Deeper into the pain point
Talk about things they have probably tried and failed with.
“the problem with the most list building courses is they tell you to buy cheap solo ads
that don’t convert to buyers”
Introduce Common solutions and why they don’t work as good as
your offer
Now we want to introduce our solution and say why it is better than other products on
the same topic.
” the truth is, solo ads do work. But you have to know exactly how to buy them and who
to buy them from to get good results”
“That is why (product name) is one of the best courses out there on building a massive
list with design like pro review
Call to action 2
start the training right now
Final words
“Look, there are a lot of list building courses out there. But if you want to build it the right
way and do it fast then this is one of the best trainings you can get.
This is the exact same method I’m using every week to build my email list and you can
Call to action 3
grab it now Sign off and P.S.
Add urgency ­ “limited design like pro review”, “on a dimesale”
“Talk soon
William Fletcher
P.S. Grab it while it’s still available! Also this is dimesale so the price will increase with
every purchase. Grab it now at this in same price.”
Know Your List
Last but not least KNOW YOUR LIST. If you continuously promote design like pro review your list isn’t
interested in open rates will decrease, click rates will decrease, and people will
If you want to grab a great pack of done for you email swipes here is a great $2 pack
with a ton of swipes:

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KryptoView Review – Does It Really Work?

KryptoView Review – Does It Really Work?

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In most scenarios your one time offer is usually a kryptoview review that you have created.
However, it’s very important to point out that it doesn’t have to be. It could be an affiliate
offer you are promoting or a product you purchased with resale rights or PLR. However,
the key with the one time offer is to make it extremely relevant to the free report you are
giving out.
Go ahead and get your squeeze page setup at this kryptoview review. Also, determine which
methods you are going to implement to start building your list. Building your list is an
ongoing process that you will fine tune over time. Similar to traffic you will want to try
multiple methods and then stick to the ones that are working best for you.
Module 8 ­ How to promote to your kryptoview review
Promoting To Your List In this module I’m actually going to share with you two different methods for promoting
to your list. The basic method is going to be plain and simple. People get added to your
list and you send them promotional emails.
The second method is going to be a little more complex and involves a couple more
emails. You’ll be sending out a pre sale email, a review and email, send an email when
the product goes live.
In both of these methods you will also be following up with your unopens on your
promotions. Okay so let’s start to dig into it.

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Monster PLR Firesale Review – Does This Secret Ninja Strategy Really Work?

Monster PLR Firesale Review – Does This Secret Ninja Strategy Really Work?

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Here is how it works. You create a product and offer it to other product vendors to use
as a bonus on their download page. This works amazingly well because it adds value to
their product which means more buyers for them. And on the other side of things it
allows you to build a list of buyers without launching a product.
On the product vendors monster plr firesale review you will provide them a product image to your
bonus which links to a squeeze page where they optin to get their bonus. When they do,
you just acquired yourself a buyer with very little effort! Now this is just a high level look
at this method.
Here is an awesome report put together by Shane Farrell called
Buyers Bonus Profits If you want to learn a complete strategy using this monster plr firesale review  that is a great read.
Buy solo ads
I will usually be the first to tell you that taking shortcuts when working on your online
business doesn’t work. But the truth is solo ads can be a shortcut to get you started
building your list. The cool thing about solo ads is that not only do you get traffic but you
get targeted traffic. And targeted traffic means more buyers.
While solo ads are not my first choice for building a list they are certainly a great way to
get things moving fast.
So What is a monster plr firesale review

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VidAgency Ally Review – Why Should You Buy It?

VidAgency Ally Review – Why Should You Buy It?

Official Site:

Start by optimizing your site for subscribers
Earlier we talked about how to optimize your site for subscribers so that is the first step
in the process. You should have done that already so we will carry on with other ways to
build your list. Refer back to module 2 to get this set up.
Squeeze page setup
The next thing you are going to need to have is a squeeze page. Your squeeze page
will be used to send traffic to in order to capture leads (subscribers). This will be done
from your own site, forum signature, solo ads, or other places you are sending traffic to
your website from.
So lets go through how to create a vidagency ally review
How To Create A Squeeze Page
Now lets talk about one of the most important parts of getting subscribers (your squeeze
page). If you have been around internet marketing for a while I am certain you have
seen a squeeze page or two. Most squeeze pages have a similar look and usually
include the following:
● Headline
vidagency ally review
● optin fields
● call to action
They key with your squeeze pages is simplicity. I have had best results with squeeze
pages that have a headline, a sub headline, a few bullet points, email input field, and a
call to action. A lot of times I won’t even include vidagency ally review

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Lifetime Hosting 2018 Review – Why Should You Buy It?

Lifetime Hosting 2018 Review – Why Should You Buy It?

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This format is designed to get you the most traffic and massive conversions. It is set up
so that you give people all the information they might need to make a good purchasing
decision. But it is also set up to do well in the search engines and convert people into
buyers. While all elements are not absolutely necessary you should do as many as
The more you do the better your lifetime hosting 2018 review will be. And the better your lifetime hosting 2018 review the more
affiliate commissions you will make!
Start putting together reviews for your approved products. Focus on quality and really
get people interested in the products you are promoting. Make sure to add your affiliate
links on your reviews and make them enticing to click on.
Module 6 ­ How to get traffic to your
review site
Now we’re going to talk about the almighty traffic. Now I want to be very clear with this. I
don’t want you to get too hung up on driving traffic
. What I see so many people do is
focus on every single traffic method out there and waste a ton of time.
With traffic you want to find the one or two lifetime hosting 2018 review that provide you with the most
results and then focus primarily on those methods. That way you can maximize the
amount of traffic you get and focus on the methods that are working the best for you.
Don’t spread yourself too thin focusing on every traffic method out there. Alright, so lets
dig into some of the traffic methods we will be using.


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Million Dollar Shortcut Review – Solution to Life-Changing Online Profits

Million Dollar Shortcut Review – Solution to Life-Changing Online Profits

Official Site:

Now you want to start requesting approval for the products you added to your affiliate
promotional calendar. As you get approved you can put your affiliate link in your
spreadsheet and any other important information. Also start networking on Facebook in
the different JV groups and start friending and commenting on product vendors posts.
Finally, once you are approved to promote a product get your review access so you are
ready to create your reviews and million dollar shortcut review.
Module 5 ­ How to write amazing product
When it comes to writing product reviews it is best to be simple and provide value.
When you provide value you allow people to make an educated decision on whether or
not they should purchase the product. And if they do decide to purchase the product
they are going to based on your recommendation and purchase through your affiliate
Now it may seem like the only thing you should be doing is focusing on getting them to
click your million dollar shortcut review  . But I can assure you in the long run it is best to be honest and
give them all the information that they need to make a purchasing decision. Yes you are
going to encourage them to buy through your affiliate link but you have to prove that you
are a credible million dollar shortcut review that they can trust.
If you can establish that trust with them they’re going to come back to you time and time
again and purchase based on your recommendations. Where if you were to only focus
on getting them to click that link regardless of the quality of the product they would
probably buy from your recommendation once and never buy again

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Traffik Siphon Review – Why Should You Buy It?

Traffik Siphon Review – Why Should You Buy It?

Official Site:

Now here is a mistake that is made by most new affiliates. They find a product that fits
the criteria that they want to promote. And then they log into either JVZoo or Warriorplus
account and request to promote the offer by clicking the button and go about their way.
The problem is the vendor is going to look and see if you have any stats and if you don’t
they will most likely deny your request to promote that product.
Usually this can be overcome by leaving the vendor a note when you request to
promote the product. You can use the template below as a guide for writing a note to a
product vendor when requesting traffik siphon review.
Template for approval
Now here is a way around that. And 95 percent of the time this will work. When you
request to promote the product send them a message similar to this:
Hi (product vendor name),
I am interested in promoting your (name of product) I have a small yet responsive list of
buyers along with a traffik siphon review where I will do an in­depth review of your product. If you
are interested you can check out my blog here: ( blog URL here). I look forward to
promoting this traffik siphon review.
Thanks in advance!

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