PassionFuze Review – How To Build Passive Income Machines Bringing $200 A Day In Sales

PassionFuze Review – How To Build Passive Income Machines Bringing $200 A Day In Sales

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Now that we’ve got a great passionfuze review to promote, we need to find a great
keyword to go with it! A keyword is a short phrase such as “Diabetes
Destroyed” which relates to the product. The keyword is going to be used to
generate traffic so that people can find out about the product we are
promoting. We want a system where people search for our keyword on
Google, find our related passionfuze review, and then click the affiliate link
contained within. For this reason,
your keyword must be related to the
product you are promoting.
Many keywords related to your passionfuze review will already be highly competitive.
This means that many other people are also trying to drive traffic to their own
websites with the same keyword.
You want to select a keyword which isn’t competitive, but still has many
people searching for it. This is both an art and a science.
Another way to find a keyword related to your product: Go to the product’s sales page, scroll to the bottom, and look for a link called
something like “Affiliates”. Most of the clickbank product has the affiliate page
but some of them don’t have it. If you find, you’ll have a whole bunch of
resources for helping you promote the product better such as graphics and
articles, but you’ll also hopefully find some keywords that the vendor has
researched for you in advance.
Copy these keywords into a notepad on your computer for now.

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