AzonStation Review – Building 1-Click SEO Optimized Passive Income Sites

AzonStation Review – Building 1-Click SEO Optimized Passive Income Sites

Official Site:

For instance, if your
website is “
azonstation review ”, you can write
reviews on multiple products and publish them on your site.
You can get quite creative with domain names, especially
if what you initially wanted has already been taken. So for
example, if “” was already
taken, you could simply purchase the domain name with a
different suffix like ‘.
org’, ‘.info’, ‘.net’, and so on.
Generally though, I like to stick with ‘.
com’, because I find
that this gives me more credibility. You could also make subtle
changes to the domain name, like:
azonstation review
And so on.
The more words you add to your domain name, the more
combinations and permutations you can come up with.
You can also use substitutes like “2” instead of “two” or
“to”. I think you get the point!
Once you have a domain name and a hosting server, all
you need to do next is to point the name servers over to your
hosting and install Word Press.
This is actually a very simple process and I have shot a
video for you to make azonstation review easier to follow.

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