AffCasho Review – Getting 5 Untapped Traffic Sources to Pull Profit within 2 days

AffCasho Review – Getting 5 Untapped Traffic Sources to Pull Profit within 2 days

Official Site:

Here is a list of categories for the IM niche you could use to get started. Feel free to add
or remove to this list based on your own interest.
● List Building
● Affiliate Marketing
● Blogging
● Offline Marketing
● Adsense
● Kindle Publishing
● CPA Marketing
● Niche Sites
● Domain Flipping
● WordPress Themes
● WordPress Plugins
● Product Creation
● Video Marketing
● Software
Each time you create a review for your site you will assign it to one of these categories.
Add Categories to your menu
One thing that I like to do is add the categories to your menu on your site. This makes it
really easy for people searching for affcasho review on specific topics to go straight to that
Depending on your theme how you do this may be different. Here is how I do it with my
Genesis theme.
First click on appearance → Menus

Add Categories to your sidebar
I also like to add the categories to the sidebar of my site. You can do this by adding the
categories widget to the sidebar. Here is how you do it:
Click Appearance → Widgets
Then drag the categories widget into your primary sidebar area.
How to layout your site for maximum conversions
The 5 best places to capture leads on your affcasho review
Now we want to make our site a lead capturing machine. And what we are going to do
is look at the five best places to capture those affcasho review ..
1. Below the menu­ One of the places I have had the most success capturing leads on
my site is right below the menu. And this works really well because when people first hit

your site it’s usually right at eye­level. They will typically see it right before they start to
view your content.

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