Designa  Review – An All-Inclusive and Foolproof Design Software App

Designa  Review – An All-Inclusive and Foolproof Design Software App

Official Site:

Qualifying Your Lists – You need to get people to raise their hand and tell
YOU that they would like more information on your coaching program, high
ticket offers and so on.
You can do this by either sending them to a “Survey” via an email you send out to
them, a banner you have at your designa review, a P.S. link at the bottom of your emails or as
a call to action on one of your “Thank You Pages” for example.
Remember as I said before:
Or you can of course just schedule them for a 30 – 45 minute chat by using a time
booking tool you can use online.
The ones who wish to take you up on this offer can leave their contact number
which gives you a chance to speak with them on the correct time and date that is
suitable for them.
Once you‟ve spoken to someone for this length of time you can then get a clear
picture of their GOALS, where they‟re at right now in their designa review and whether
they are a good fit for your program and so on

Also this bridges the gap between you and one of your clients in terms of you being
someone why sends out emails to them to becoming someone who can help them
reach their own income goals online.
So What Can You Charge For Such A Service Then?
Well that is entirely up to you but here are some guidelines you can use to help you
better judge what you should charge someone for such a designa review.
Full Time Coaching – $800 per month, $10,000 one off payment, $1,200 one
off payment, $1,000 per month

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