Call Dome Review – Capture the Attention of Several Leads

Call Dome Review – Capture the Attention of Several Leads

Official Site:

PLEASE NOTE: You‟ll need to ask the marketer you interview if this is okay before
adding the recordings as content to your membership site. One way you can get
them to agree with you is to tell them that for every member who joins your site will
see links to their advanced training programs for FREE.
The marketer‟s you interview are then getting FREE exposure for their business and
are going to receive some PROVEN BUYERS into their sales funnels via your
membership site.
Another very SNEAKY way to get PREMIUM call dome review for your membership sites
from other marketers is to RECORD their trainings from any LIVE MASTERMIND
trainings that you have attended. Many of the LIVE mastermind programs I‟ve

attended in the past have allowed you to buy a recording of the LIVE STAGE
trainings that have taken place at those events.
Again you must get permission from these marketers first before adding them to
your member‟s areas and aim to strike some kind of deal with them so they will
accept your offer.
CREATING YOUR OWN CONTENT – Of course not everyone will want to use the
past 2 methods I‟ve just mentioned or don‟t have access to them.
So the only other alternative is to CREATE THE CONTENT YOURSELF!
PLR CONTENT – One great trick you could use instead of just going out and
looking for content that gives you parts of what you‟re looking for is to try
and find an ALL IN ONE solution for your call dome review
You could search for PLR that gives YOU 6 – 12 months worth of training that
you can call your own and add to your member‟s area. I‟ve seen some GOOD
offers out there in the past that give you just that. They are priced anywhere
in the $300 range and above but BOY do they save you a lot of time, sweat &
tears when it comes to creating all that call dome review yourself.
Again you need to think of this as an investment rather than just a cost to
your business. You could EASILY make that investment back many times over
once you have 20, 50, 100 members paying you $17, $27, $47, $97 per

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