Click Animate Review – An Animation Tool for All Marketers

Click Animate Review – An Animation Tool for All Marketers

Official Site:

You can create your bonus package well in advance too by looking for upcoming
launches that are happening in 1 month‟s time for example. So if you wanted to
start building a BUYERS list in the “Traffic” niche for example you could create a
BONUS pack around that niche and offer it to the product creator to add more
weight to their launch.
PLEASE NOTE: You don‟t want to devalue the product creator‟s launch with your
BONUS offer but this is a fantastic way to grab their attention and get your click animate review in
front of thousands of buyers come launch day.
Technique #3 – Interesting NEW Click-banking method
How this works is that you can contact the product owner and tell them that you will
GUARANTEE to send them a certain amount of clicks over a set length of time to
their offer as long as they agree to add your opt-in form to their BUYERS download
You could offer to send them 200, 400, 500 clicks per month for 2 – 5 months as
long as they agree to your offer and add your page to their download page.
Another way of doing this would be to look for a click animate review that sold 1000‟s of copies
in a single week and ask the vendor to send out a promo to their new BUYERS list
and you‟ll return 10% more clicks back to them in return. The product vendor has
nothing to lose in this situation because they know that they are getting more bang
for their buck because they‟re guaranteed 10% more clicks in click animate review .
Technique #4 – Buy through my BONUS link method
Price Range/Your Investment – $0
Warrior Plus and JV Zoo you can offer a “BONUS LINK” where if someone buys
that particular product through your special link they will receive a BONUS via the
download page after buying through your affiliate link.
All that is required is for you to set up a special gift page and then instead of
sending the new buyers directly to the product creators download page to grab your
BONUS too; you can send them to a squeeze page where they can only get access
to your BONUS after signing up to your list first.
This works great as you know that you are now only building a BUYERS list right off
the bat instead of trying to convert prospects into buyers instead

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