Affiliate Revival Review – How to Build Passive Traffic Machine for 100$ per Day

Affiliate Revival Review – How to Build Passive Traffic Machine for 100$ per Day

Official Site:

Allow me to show you in greater detail how affiliate revival review can be done:
You can log into your Warrior Plus account and then click on the “Vendors” tab and
then on the “Add new product” tab as shown below:
Now you can begin listing your new FREE WSO product.
First of all you‟ll need to list it as a FREE affiliate revival review.
IMPORTANT NOTE – Please make sure that you link your email A.R. to this listing
before you move onto the next step. You can do this by scrolling down this page
once you get to it and then selecting the campaign you want to link it to.
This will then make sure that when someone clicks on the download button after
entering their email address; they will be automatically added to your FREE WSO list

Once you‟ve completed those steps you can then grab your FREE WSO payment
code and either add it to your “WSO Thread” page or any kind of HTML page or
even your Lead Pages or affiliate revival review too.
A button like this will then show up on your FREE WSO page and then when people
click on this button they will then see this next page below this image.

As you can see all they need to do is very simply add their email address and then
click the “Download Now” button and they will automatically be added to your email
list because you linked your email Auto-Responder listing to the product listing as
shown in the previous steps.
All that is left to do now is to add your FREE WSO to the “WSO” section at the
Warrior Forum

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