Sellin Messenger Review – Dominate the E-commerce Niche with Facebook Messenger

Sellin Messenger Review – Dominate the E-commerce Niche with Facebook Messenger

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So if your winning ads have very good clicks or
shares – I mean at least 4 times of your ad spent testing, you can give it
maximum cost per click that is $0.0025 but if it is average and not generating
enough clicks in sampling sellin messenger review, award it lowest target cost per click.
Build the Army Rule
Suppose you got 5 winning campaigns and they have generated the following
Campaign 1 | spent $1 = 80 clicks, 4 shares
Campaign 2 | spent $1 = 200 clicks, 4 shares
Campaign 3 | spent $1 =150 clicks, 4 shares
Campaign 4 |spent $1 = 100 clicks, 4 shares
Canadian 5 |spent $1 = 180 clicks, 4 shares
Which one you want to promote? I guess you will select campaign 2. Yes,
because it is giving highest sellin messenger review (clicks) but you are wrong!
You just forgot two other winners who can also earn for you. Look at
campaign 3 and 5. They are not so bad in terms of profit. There is a big
misconception in people that they will create a single sellin messenger review and a
single ad will run their entire website business. You have to follow a rule
called “build the army rule”. You not only have to choose the best commander
but you have to select the viable soldiers also

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