Clickopia Review – Stop Affiliate Commission Theft

Clickopia Review – Stop Affiliate Commission Theft

Official Site:

Before deciding on a service you want to arbitrage, you will want to test the waters. You
want to see what you feel more comfortable being the clickopia review for and what you
think you will have the most success with before committing completely. However,
committing completely is when you will have success. Testing the waters first is to get you
comfortable doing this.
As you read this book, you’re likely already coming up with a few ideas of what you’d like to
do or what you’d like to try. However, I recommend first trying different searches, finding
different clickopia review , trying to find different clients for different kinds of services and seeing
which you find the easiest for you and which you see yourself doing.
Once you land and close your first client, then you can start scaling it. If you make just one
sale, that is proof of concept and enough reason for you to go full scale and do things like
create a website and regular clickopia review.
The best things about going out and actively searching for clients in the way I suggest is that
they are ready to do business. These people will be luke-warm to hot leads so they will be
easier to convert than a completely cold lead.
The sites I recommend are the following:
Craigslist: This site will be the focus of this book. I will also teach an extremely effective and
efficient way of finding clients on Craigslist that has worked really well for me. Some of you
reading might have already tried this but the way I do it saves time but also works better
than any methods you have tried. The best part is that it is free to do.
Kijiji/BackPage: These are active listings sites like Craigslist. These are a good alternative if
you’ve exhausted all the leads possible on Craigslist.
Forums: A lot of forums such as Sitepoint and Dynamic Drive have a jobs section. Just
search for forums about the service you often and you will see that a large majority of them
have a jobs of seeking help section. Use
Boardreader to find a suitable forum that you can
pay to create threads and sell your services on. This is an untapped market that a lot of
freelancers forget about.
Reddit: Search for a subreddit that is a job board for the service you offer. For example, a
graphic design job board subreddit.

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