Viddictive 2.0 Review – How to Create Video Ads in Minutes

Viddictive 2.0 Review – How to Create Video Ads in Minutes

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My system is as follows. If I click on an order, I must start it. Any order I
see on the Sales page that says “In Progress” means I’ve read and opened
the order and have started it. If for some reason I can’t start the order, for
example the buyer didn’t provide a link to the site he or she wants backlinks
to, I will leave the buyer a message then click the star next on the top-left
corner of the page to let me know this viddictive 2.0 review requires attention on the Sales
This will allow you to batch your orders and then batch your deliveries.
The first thing you should do when you go to the Sales page is go through
the “In Progress” gigs and look at the “In Progress” gigs that are nearing
their due date. If you’ve completed those orders, go ahead and open all of
these in a new tab and then deliver all the orders. You can copy and paste
your delivery message and hit Deliver if your orders don’t require anything
else to be included or uploaded. After you deliver the orders that you’ve
completed and were nearing their due dates, go back to the Sales page.
Here, look at all the orders that are “New”. Open all of these up in a new tab
and process each order one at a time with the viddictive 2.0 review they provide. If a
gig can’t be started because the buyer has not provided all the information
required for example, I will click on the star next to the order and leave a
message for the buyer. If I can process the gig, I will leave a message in the
order letting the buyer know I have started on the order and I will thank
them again for their purchase

This is a good system when you begin to get 20 or more orders a day.
You can do this routine once a day. Check up on “In Progress” gigs, deliver
any that are completed then start all “New” gigs.
I only check Fiverr once a day to do my daily routine. My daily routine
takes no longer than 70 minutes. This daily routine should not eat up more
than 8 hours of your week total. It’s important to be disciplined and not
check Fiverr several times per day. As you get more and more orders you
will become overwhelmed so batching all your orders and deliveries is the
key to putting your Fiverr earnings on near auto-pilot. Let me break down
my routine for you.
Check “order updates”: The first thing I do is I check my email.
It’s important to enable email notifications so that whenever a buyer
updates your order or posts a message in their viddictive 2.0 review, you will know.
You could click the speech bubble but you will quickly see how
disastrous that is when you have many updates and orders per day. I
recommend going to Settings > Account Settings and ensuring you
have at least “Order messages” ticked under Email. This way you will
get an email whenever a buyer posts a message in their order. The
first thing I like to do is check my email and check order messages.
The next step of my routine varies on the type of gig I’m
If I outsource my work, I will deliver my gigs before I start new
ones. I simply check with my supplier if the work is done, and if it is, I
deliver the gig. If I need to do the work myself, I will check for new
orders first and complete them before delivering the gigs.

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