AdSmartly Review – Turn Leads into Sales Easily

AdSmartly Review – Turn Leads into Sales Easily

Official Site:

They started dropping like flies from the rotten horsemeat they had to eat,
the pneumonia that overcame them, and the complete exhaustion they now
The pathway became cluttered with corpses.
[SIDE NOTE: this had taken
them a full two-and-a-half months to get this far – it was now winter with snow
piling up fast, and the weather getting cold]
. Many stuck fast to their dreams.
One man strapped together a number of reindeer and rode them up the pass
carrying all his belongings. Another, a woman (one of the few who made it this
far) had strapped dough to her back, which – after it rose with the heat of her
body was made into bread – she sold it at a VERY healthy profit. Another prided
himself in taking the most ghoulish pictures of dead men and horses and
proceeded to make a tidy profit selling them later at a Broadway emporium.
Those that then reached the summit – experienced what could be called an
endless blizzard.
From snow blindness, to avalanches that buried everything they had hauled
so far – this was not for the thin-skinned.
Five months later, they arrived at the next stop.
Now they had to build boats out of trees – and embark upon what became
known as “the great flotilla.” 7,800 boats took off on the final leg of the race for
gold. They battled rapids, cold, and starvation – but they were close – too close
to turn back now.
June 8th, 1898
(almost a full year from when
the first whispers
were heard about gold).
The first boats of the flotilla started
to arrive at the Klondike’s river mouth.
And they continued to pour into
Dawson day and night with no break
for a full month. Men poured off the
boats onto the shore and collapsed
with exhaustion (30,000 men made it
this far).

Rather than rushing off headlong for the gold adsmartly review , which they had come
for, they did nothing. Thousands of men started to wander around aimlessly.
They appeared dazed, confused, listless – and without direction on what to do
next. They wandered around for days on end in an aimless parade.
For whatever their reason – they had given up on the gold dream – and were
now adsmartly review to do nothing. The gold was right there for the taking – but few men
went after it.
How is this possible?
How is it that thousands of men (and women) could go through 12 months of
torturous hell – only to give up at the very last step of their journey?
There are many theories about this … but the fact is these men gave up on
their goal. So close – but ultimately headed home with nothing to show.
Which brings me to my point.
Having worked with many entrepreneurs in the past and having attended a
large number of high-priced seminars … what is happening in 2009 is no
different than it was 109 years ago!
Many of the entrepreneurs I worked with, some of them used to be the “in”
gurus of the day – gone. Nowhere to be seen or heard from. Seminar attendees
that heard the same adsmartly review I heard, still working at jobs they hate – or still trying
to figure out what business they are in.
Again, I ask you – how is this possible?

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WP Quick Launch 3.0 Review – Instant WordPress Site Builder

WP Quick Launch 3.0 Review – Instant WordPress Site Builder

Official Site:

You deal with people and people buy your product or service if you do what
you promise.
Your business is not different at all. It is all about people and giving them
more than what you promise – and making sure they even know you exist.
And … you have a story to tell … why are you hiding it?
Every single time I find a good story beneath the surface – it improves sales.
It will for you, too.
Take heed in Mamma’s recipes – they contain the wisdom of wealth creation.
Some tools for digging out your best story …
Good stories get them talking, crying, thinking and acting. Acting, of course,
is the main goal of a good story in business.
Your stories are already being told by your customers – be a part of the
You improve the quality of new customers, repeat customers, new hires,
and media interest.
Stories strengthen and sustain your brand.
Your story can be told by anyone – customers, employees, ex-employees,
suppliers, investors, spouses.
You craft and shape your company image and provide it in a replicable
medium that you can leverage for years to come.
Real stories by real people.
Why this matters to you and your business:
Helps you find better quality leads (if they read your story, they won’t be
shopping on price).
Recruit better customers (better educated) and better employees (ones
more concerned with culture than wage).
Build stronger bonds with your wp quick launch 3.0 review.
Sell faster.
Grow faster.
Reinforce existing relationships.
Build your brand image.
Create a more devoted following.
Attract a certain type of new wp quick launch 3.0 review.
Starts dialogues.
Creates conversations.
Humanizes your company.
Makes complex ideas simpler.
Bridging the great divide between you
and a happy, loyal customer
The following are some of the techniques you can use to create the idea
behind your story and to get your stories out of your head and into a form your
company can use to generate more cash flow and create happier customers.
There are a few ways you can do wp quick launch 3.0 review :
Hire a professional to craft your story for you.
Interview others and have them tell your story.
Write your own story.
Record your story on video or audio.
Break it down into manageable bites (20 minutes of journal-writing a day
can go a long way in a few weeks combined).
How you can make your story remarkable:
Why do you do what you do? When did this first all start? At what point
did you realize that you can help people with your offerings? When did
you realize you have what it takes to succeed in your business?
What do you stand for? Why should I believe that you want to change the
world, the industry, or your neighborhood?
Do you have some distinctive or disruptive sense of purpose that helps
them see why you are different than your competitors?
Is there anything provocative about the way you run your business, or
about your personal past? If you have something juicy to share, and it
doesn’t put you in the center of a major backlash, then
use it!

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SiteContact Review – How to Get More Customers

SiteContact Review – How to Get More Customers

Official Site:

Today’s article is going to be brief.
Why? Because, I’m about to share with you a few examples of small
marketing efforts that reap big rewards.
Not all of our marketing has to be long copy.
In fact, some of the big successes right now are coming from mixing in short
videos, audios and stories into the mix. Long copy can also easily be broken up
into mini stories as well … each story feeding off the last and leading into the
I love to collect simple marketing tools that others are using … then find ways
to make them fit my clients.
For example …
Many writers have at least heard of the fantastic writing journals,
I have grown to love them and usually have one or two at my side (I still
LOVE pen on paper for taking and keeping notes and ideas). They have an
incredible selection of highpriced, high quality notebooks.
Here is the story (I cut off all
the different descriptions they
include for each model of
notebook, rest assured, there are
more variations of these than you
can imagine!
They include this card and
story with each notebook you
Sure, people might throw
them out – but most people who
buy these books read them. We pay a premium for these books, and love the
entire look and feel of the book. The story just reinforces why we love the books
the way we do.

My favourite is The Soft Cover Large Notebook (difficult to find in many of the
places I have looked, which may be the reason I love that model so much …
hard to find)
They do a couple things that I love with their stories to educate people on why
Moleskine over all the other options out there. #1 is the little card above.
The second thing they do is include a page on their website – which has
pictures and video dedicated to their legendary sitecontact review .
Not long ago, I wrote an Article called Chocolate Covered Kinjo.
What I forgot to include with the article was a simple little tool they use to
spread even more good cheer with their customers … the bill.
They include a line item on every bill – it says
LOVE from KINJO $0.00.
How simple is something like that to add? How fast could you come up with
your own little saying like that to include with every invoice, every email, or on
every webpage?
I have a couple clients who sell custom-made Amish Furniture.
We have a lot of fun with the story in our
sitecontact review. But the main head office (it is a
franchise model) created these little drink coasters
on their own and I love them!
Each coaster comes with a different part of their
story. They give away a stack of coasters with
each purchase. Simple, but reassuring to their
buyers (who pay a premium for the Amish
Furniture, which they should. The quality is
unmatched, it comes with a lifetime guarantee, and
is as environmentally friendly as it gets).
Who uses 3×5 cards for business? I do! And so do thousands of others.
And Levenger knows it.
Levenger is another one of those companies that understands writers and
creative types. They know we love a good sitecontact review. And they know we love to feel
part of a “club.”
They recently sent out a 5-PAGE letter about the power of the simple little
3×5 card. It got me to buy again (never leave home without my trusty Shirt
Pocket Briefcase) – I am sure it did for many others too.

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BLOX Review – Anyone Can Make Money with Affiliate Marketing

BLOX Review – Anyone Can Make Money with Affiliate Marketing

Official Site:

Before jumping in to the real deal, I want thank you for taking action and getting this
report. The value I will share with you is incredibly high and everyone using just this
report can make bunch of cash.
I will keep this report as short as possible and with only into the trenches stuff!
As all the system is around paid traffic, there is no exception in here as well.
But if we were just showing you how to use Facebook in a different way previously, now
the big stuff comes.
I will show you how to advertise on places where the average income is over $100 000!
Yeah, you heard that right.
I will also show you how to market to those people directly in their inbox for as low as
$1 per lead.
So keep reading.
Let’s start with the first method.
Get your ads in front of audience
where the average income is $100K +
You probably think, that we will do some magic here, use some software from the
We will just type two words in blox review.
For example:
“lawyer news”.
And for your niche you just need to change “lawyer” to whatever profession you have
The trick is, as discussed in our main report to market to businesses that charge as much
as possible per service or p

Here are tool I use to check the website visitor numbers and make sure that this site is
getting huge amount of blox review: – simple website that shows you the estimate visitor
What you do is simply paste a URL in format: “” without slashes or http:// at
the beginning.
And here is the site I have picked up:
blox review
I have checked it with the traffic tool I shared with you above and it has good enough
results – 49800 visits for the past 30 days at the time this report is written.
That’s absolutely enough to start marketing. And don’t forget that these are lawyers.
The chance that this site is visited by teenagers or pregnant moms is close to zero! Just
hyper targeted visitors.
What you need to do now is go and find the advertising page ( this is the page dedicated
for advertisers with more information on what types of advertising they offer, some
numbers about their audience and so on).
A little trick I use by searching for this page is clicking Ctrl key + “F”. I believe that all the
browsers have this functionality, but at least I am sure that Mozilla and Chrome have it.
This will open a search input where you should start typing “advertise” or “advertising”.
This way it will search thru the web page text and find all the words you are searching
In our case the page link is placed in the footer area of the website.
Well, on that specific page there are some statistics for the website audience. And if you
go thru them you will read this:
“The average income of the Lawyers Weekly reader is $130 000”.
Here is a screenshot in case you are have no internet connection to see that live:

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Builderall 2 Review – The Ultimate Promotional Toolkit

Builderall 2 Review – The Ultimate Promotional Toolkit

Official Site:

This is the place your “ad clickers” will be redirected to. It’s the page where it is really
important to have a good conversion rate.
Well, some of you will ask me “what a good conversion rate is? 30%? 50%?”. Later in the
report I will share with you my secret builderall 2 review  for creating landing pages which convert at up
to 84.4%. Yes you heard that right. The down side is that it is paid, but definitely worth
the money!
So, back on the topic.
The landing page we should have or shorter – “Lander” should be a pretty simple page
where your visitors will land and you will say something like “Hey, if you are interested
in doubling your real estate business as soon as the next month, please opt in.”
What is likely to happen when a visitor firstly hit your lander is that he might not opt in.
But here comes the retargeting pixel just in place.
This visitor has proven to us that he or she is interested in our offer and now the only
thing we need to keep doing is advertising to him.
Here is the basic concept of your builderall 2 review:
1) Simple landing page with just an email opt in field. You don’t need to collect first
or last names!
2) Title: Saying something like “If you want to double your Dentist Clients, please
submit your email.

3) Background: Well an image would work nice. But it should be not more than
100/200kb. Because otherwise it will slow down the loading time, which is
essential for keeping the visitor on the builderall 2 review.
I personally recommend you to not spend your time doing the lander by yourself. The
reason you are reading this report is that you want to make more money, or make your
first big bucks.
So don’t spend days of making the best lander in the world and go and buy one that is
proven to work for not more than $20.
In the next chapter I will share with you my favorite paid tool for building super high
converting landers as well as a free solution in case you don’t have the cash to invest

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FB ComAzon Review – Turning FB Page into Cash Machine

FB ComAzon Review – Turning FB Page into Cash Machine

Official Site:

Well as mentioned already, it is unbelievably stupid to try selling to someone a product
for $500+, without offering any guarantee or even knowing if this person is interested in
your service.

And as I say stupid, don’t get this personally, because I have done this exact mistake over
and over again without realizing what the reason for failing is.
And because I love examples here is one more. I am sure you will confirm with it:
You say to your client this: “Hey client, would you buy a web site creation service from
me for $500 bucks, I am really good, you can check my portfolio, and yeah, I offer you 1
month free support, but then no guarantee”.
And you will say Yes to this sales pitch right?
I am just kidding.
We don’t want to take FREE flyers on the street, what about giving $500+ to a stranger.
There should be another way to do it! And that’s what we will do. We will wait for our
clients to contact us.
We will wait for them to say “Hey seller, I am interested, give me some more information
about your service”.
And every morning you wake up you will see these emails waiting for you in the inbox.
But a new problem is growing!
What you should do when you see the emails in your inbox? Directly offering your $500
per month service?
Of course not!
Here is where our third component comes in place

Well this is the time to offer something for free, or something really cheap, part of your
If you are a web designer, how about offering a Facebook Fan page cover design for as
little as 19 bucks?
Or if you are a mentor, how about offering a free 20 minutes skype coaching? You should
melt the ice! The client should see that you are good in your job, that you are doing it on
time, and you are actually helping him in growing his fb comazon review .
Isn’t that the reason he is looking for a mentor, or a designer, or a SEO specialist?
It is because he wants to beat the competition. To gain new customers. And you will be
there exactly for this only reason.
But you need to start small, really small!
Offering a service for more than $20 or $30 bucks means that you are risking to lose that
I will cover in much more details the unrefusable offer in Chapter 4, where we will talk
about how to come with an idea, how exactly to price it and what actually to write to
your client.
But the basic fb comazon review is that.
This is something like a WSO (Warrior Special Offer – special offers in the Internet
Marketing forum called “Warrior Forum”). You are selling a service for a lot cheaper
than it actually costs, and your goal is to win a customer for fb comazon review.

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Mainstream Magnificence Review – Does This Really Help To Captivate And Hold Your Viewers’ Attention?

Mainstream Magnificence Review – Does This Really Help To Captivate And Hold Your Viewers’ Attention?

Official site:

Tools Required To Put All 34 Subscriber Boosting Methods Into
mainstream magnificence review or another Autoresponder to automate your email marketing.
OptinMonster to skyrocket your subscriber list with entry and exit pop
ups or
BounceExchange if you can afford nearly $3,000 per month
Hybrid Connect for in content, after content and side bar opt ins that
engage readers and get them to sign up to your mailing list.
For a premium survey tool Qualaroo or this survey plugin for the
budget conscious blogger.
mainstream magnificence review Generate Theme to capture emails with a headline box OR
Derek Halperns resource.
The free hello bar from Neil Patel to greet visitors and encourage them
to join the list – awesome tool!
To get 1 click sign ups through blog commentators use Aweber
Comment Form plugin
The Yoast Comment Redirect plugin to send first time commentators
to a new page where you engage and encourage to sign up.
For after content sign ups one of NicheHacks highest converting opt ins)
Magic Action Box
mainstream magnificence review for in content click pop ups – John Chow reports
bloggers typically see a 30-40% increase in subscribers!
Floating sticky footer opt ins via simple CSS changes or even easier with
Making opt in boxes stand out with SoreThumb by moving, pulsing and
Create content funnels and engage people with soap opera style stories
for higher quality subscribers and more opens and clicks with
WizHive to run online competitions which can skyrocket subscriber
Use the Fixed Widget Plugin to create a sticky side bar that follows
your audience.
To A/B test pages and see which converts best Optimizely
Crazy Egg to remove on page distractions and boost conversion rates.
To track your sign ups traffic and high converting content Google

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Chat Lead Matrix Review – Creating Chatbots in Minutes

Chat Lead Matrix Review – Creating Chatbots in Minutes

Official Site:

Social Proof Inceases Opt Ins – Or Does It?
We all know social proof affects us all. We’re more likely to take
action or believe in chat lead matrix review if we see others back it up.
So displaying your subscriber numbers, Twitter followers or FB likes
can work in your favor assuming you have a large following – if you
have less than a few thousand then it’ll likely have the opposite
Raimundas increased email opt ins by 23% by displaying Facebook
like and Twitter follower numbers right beside the opt in (
However as always be sure to test chat lead matrix review vs no social proof as
Derek Halpern found that social proof hurt DIYThemes opt ins and
removing it resulted in an increase in conversion by 102.2% (
Make Your About Me Page About Your Audience & Turn It
Into A High Converting Page
A lot of people make the mistake of not even having an about me
page and most of those who do have one make it all about
Despite being called an ‘about me’ page it should actually be more
about what you can do for your readers.
This is a high trafficked page on most chat lead matrix review and can be an opt in
magnet if done properly.
Telling people about your experience and what benefit they’ll get from
listening to you can cause them to opt in if you give them a chance.
Having an opt in form (or multiple – I have 5 on mine!) on your about
me page is a great way to turn browsers into loyal email subscribers.
As mentioned previously my about me page converts at 5%.
Pat Flynn saw an opt in increase in 446% when he added an opt in
box to his (
Source) and QualityStocks a 158% growth through adding
a light box (
So if you’ve no about me page or aren’t collecting emails on it get it
doing it now!
Examples of great about me pages include:
Matthew Woodward
Pat Flynn
Smart Passive Income
Viper Chill

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Insta Crusher 2.0 Review – A Complete Suite to Make Money Online

Insta Crusher 2.0 Review – A Complete Suite to Make Money Online

Official Site:

Incentivise Your Opt In & You Could See 10x More Opt
In’s Overnight
insta crusher 2.0 review saw a 10x subscriber increase overnight by giving away
design resources instead of just asking visitors to sign up for blog
updates (
Source) offers a free course with a $300 value and that
caused an increase in to their subscriber rates.
However, offering an incentive as the main reason to sign up can
cause people to sign up for just the freebie rather than because they
want to receive further emails / blog updates from you – and this can
cause low open and click rates.
Testing is key as always.
If you plan to give an incentive be very careful with your insta crusher 2.0 review.
Either offer the freebie as a secondary reason to join (i.e. subscribe
for email updates AND you’ll get a free course valued at $300)
Or make sure they know after they receive the free giveaway you’ll
be following up with more emails / blog updates.
This stops people who only want something free signing up and
reduces the chances of spam complaints and unsubscribes from
people who didn’t realize there would be follow ups.
“Give away something for free” – Spencer Haws (
“Provide something of value in exchange for their email subscription”
– Zac Johnson (
“Give users access to extra content (ebook, PDFs, images etc) in
return for their email” –
Matthew Barby (insta crusher 2.0 review)

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SenseDrill Review – Get Instant Profits from Google Adsense

SenseDrill Review – Get Instant Profits from Google Adsense

Official Site:

To create an in content opt in box like the sensedrill review I use here on
NicheHacks log into your Aweber account then create a sign up form
as you usually would but keep it super basic and with a clear
Then take the HTML code and go to your WordPress post, click on the
‘code’ section of the post and scroll down until you find where you
want to post it.
Paste it in and there you go. An in content opt in.
As I mentioned earlier Hybrid Connect can make this easier & faster
and allows you to split test your sensedrill review

Redirect First Time Commentators To A ‘Thank You’ Page To
Make Them Feel Welcome
Commenting for the first time is a big step towards becoming a loyal
reader especially if you make the commentator feel their comment
was read and appreciated.
Using this
Yoast Comment Redirect plugin (free!) you can redirect
people who comment for the first time to a ‘thank you’ page where
you further engage with them.
My comment thank you page converts at 15.2% currently but it’s too
soon to draw conclusion as it’s a new page and it’s only seen a small
number of visitors.

Make sure your page tells your visitors why sensedrill review is a big deal
for you, thank them and remind them of the benefits of joining your
blogs email list or e-newsletter.
If they taken the time to comment they probably like your content
and plan to revist anyway but this just gives them a nudge in the
right direction.

Using After Content Opt In Boxes Accounts For 20.8% Of
NicheHack’s Opt Ins
At the end of every post I have the big blue box encouraging people
to sign up.
That accounts for 20.8% of total site opt ins for niche hacks.
If your visitors are reading all the way to the end of the content
they’re VERY engaged and the sort of person you want on your list.
The standard ‘side bar’ opt in is likely not going to be visible at this
point so you need to connect with them as soon as they’ve finished
reading and are feeling good about what they’ve just read.
I use
Magic Action Box which can be customized to suit your needs
and add some of your most engaged readers to your email list.

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