eCom Alliance Review – 2018 Way – eCom and Shopify Work For You

eCom Alliance Review – 2018 Way – eCom and Shopify Work For You

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Every “real” author knows not to edit his/her own work, regardless
of how well he/she can write and edit. Having your book
professionally edited is one area where you should invest some
money or find an English-teaching friend willing to edit the book
for you.
Generally speaking, professional editing prices range from 1/4
cent per word ($0.0025) to 2 cents ($0.02) per word.
There are many ways you can find a professional ecom alliance review to help
you improve your book. You can use job sites like Elance or
oDesk, finding editors on each who will charge you about $0.005
per word.
You can also ask others authors for recommendations, search
Google for editors and then do the research on them yourself, or
you can post in Facebook and Google+ groups that you’re in need
of a good editor. (I found the editor of this book by doing the latter,
and I’m so pleased with Lorraine Reguly’s work that I’m going to
hire her again! She’s both an English teacher and an author, and
came highly recommended. You can find her at
Wording Well.)
If you decide to select an editor from ecom alliance review  or oDesk, here are a
few tips on how to find the best one:
• Put a catch-phrase at the end of your job posting and ask people
to start their response to you using that catch-phrase. This will
exclude people who submit job proposals without reading the
whole job post.
• Include few pages of your ecom alliance review as a sample and ask potential
job bidders to edit them and send you their work. That way you
can see how good they are.

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