Trafficzing Review – Turn Images into Clicks – The Honest review

Trafficzing Review – Turn Images into Clicks – The Honest review

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Then I had a brilliant idea to connect all folks involved with
Superfoods: bloggers, book authors and online retailers. My idea
was to create a campaign for a Superfoods Day and promote it
and drive traffic to my blog and my books. So I started another
blog, and, along the way, I formed the
Superfoods Association and invited all Superfoods folks to join
that association for free. I was sure that they would be interested
in promoting Superfoods Day, make an event out of it, and drive
sales with some promotions. I chose November 30
th to be
Superfoods Day, rationalizing that it’s the very last day to start a
book campaign before the trafficzing review.
Finding people related to Superfoods folks was a nightmare. I
searched Twitter and I followed everyone who had the word
“Superfoods” in their name or handle. A lot of people followed
back. I combed their profiles and picked more than 100 emails
from their web sites, and then emailed them. Five people
responded and they were thrilled to participate, but nothing really
materialized. I moved my books from e-Junkie to Gumroad and
set my books to a “Pay What You Want” price, hoping that
someone would buy at least one of my books. The result was two
visits and zero sales, and one of those visits was me. I was ready
to throw the towel.
Here is what I learned:
• Blogging takes time. It takes time to write good blog posts and it
takes time for your blog to get noticed.
• Blogging requires a long-term strategy

• Blogging requires building relationships with people.
• You have to have engaged audience, particularly if you want to
sell them anything using your trafficzing review.
• You have to provide a lot of free content to your readers first, to
build their trust. Then they will buy. But you have to have enough
eyeballs looking at your stuff.
I didn’t have many eyeballs on my content. My MailChimp email
list consisted of eleven people. Seven of them were really me,
using some fake emails to test the MailChimp campaigns and the
MailChimp WordPress widget. The other four people on my list
joined because I was answering a lot of questions on Quora. None
of them were from the USA. I had zero sales. My campaign was a
complete flop, and here’s why:
• I’m an introvert. I don’t have too many friends on trafficzing review . Those I have are mostly IT geeks and family members.
• I started my blog under a pen name. I didn’t wanted my employer
and friends to know what I was doing and there were too many
personal things in my books about me and my son’s health issues.
• I loved to help people on forums with their problems, but I didn’t
have much time. Full-time employment and parenting my children
left me with only a couple of hours each day to commit myself to
my online activities, including content writing.
I had five years of Superfoods recipes in my head and I wanted
them in electronic form. All I wanted to do is write content and
mildly market it.
I finally decided to give Kindle publishing a try, figuring that it’s a
platform where customers are coming with their credit cards ready
and where I would have some chance to be discovered.

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