Video Spinn Review – The Easiest Video Creation App In The Market

Video Spinn Review – The Easiest Video Creation App In The Market

Official Site:

It’s important that you do exactly as instructed to ensure your advert is
The adverts run for 45 days or until you decide to stop them.
Wait 48 hours and if you have not had any sales from your advert, create
another advert using different images and reduce your price by 10%.
I’ve often had a surge of orders when doing this and it is a worthwhile exercise.
Also note, I don’t edit the adverts once I have published them, instead I would
rather create a fresh advert with a different headline, body copy, call to action
and images

Handling client enquiries
Here’s where things can get interesting.
You’ll soon discover that there are some weird and wonderful people in the
World and you’re going to get your fair share replying to your adverts.
I’ve had all kinds of weirdness; however, I remain steadfast and professional
and this seems to weed out the wheat from the chaff.
Here’s my “canned” response to ALL enquiries, again, please adjust this to suit
your style of writing and how you wish to conduct your video spinn review.
“Thank you for your enquiry,
My name is XXXX (decide if you want to use your real name or not and only
use your first name).
I head up the design team here and will be your point of contact for the
duration of the project.
To ensure we provide you with the highest level of service please provide
your email address and we will set up a “dedicated” Dropbox folder for your
We use Dropbox as it allows us to easily transfer files back and forward and it
saves emails going missing etc.
Dropbox is free and you can set up an account at
Once the folder has been set up, please upload any images you would like us
to use in the Timeline cover, also if you have seen a specific “design” that you
like, either send us a screenshot or the actual URL to the Facebook page and
our designers will take their inspiration from video spinn review .
Next, please provide your PayPal email address; this is so we can invoice the
first 50% of the project value. We will ONLY invoice the remaining balance on
your complete satisfaction.
Once again thank you for your video spinn review

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