eCom Alliance Review – 2018 Way – eCom and Shopify Work For You

eCom Alliance Review – 2018 Way – eCom and Shopify Work For You

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Every “real” author knows not to edit his/her own work, regardless
of how well he/she can write and edit. Having your book
professionally edited is one area where you should invest some
money or find an English-teaching friend willing to edit the book
for you.
Generally speaking, professional editing prices range from 1/4
cent per word ($0.0025) to 2 cents ($0.02) per word.
There are many ways you can find a professional ecom alliance review to help
you improve your book. You can use job sites like Elance or
oDesk, finding editors on each who will charge you about $0.005
per word.
You can also ask others authors for recommendations, search
Google for editors and then do the research on them yourself, or
you can post in Facebook and Google+ groups that you’re in need
of a good editor. (I found the editor of this book by doing the latter,
and I’m so pleased with Lorraine Reguly’s work that I’m going to
hire her again! She’s both an English teacher and an author, and
came highly recommended. You can find her at
Wording Well.)
If you decide to select an editor from ecom alliance review  or oDesk, here are a
few tips on how to find the best one:
• Put a catch-phrase at the end of your job posting and ask people
to start their response to you using that catch-phrase. This will
exclude people who submit job proposals without reading the
whole job post.
• Include few pages of your ecom alliance review as a sample and ask potential
job bidders to edit them and send you their work. That way you
can see how good they are.

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Trafficzing Review – Turn Images into Clicks – The Honest review

Trafficzing Review – Turn Images into Clicks – The Honest review

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Then I had a brilliant idea to connect all folks involved with
Superfoods: bloggers, book authors and online retailers. My idea
was to create a campaign for a Superfoods Day and promote it
and drive traffic to my blog and my books. So I started another
blog, and, along the way, I formed the
Superfoods Association and invited all Superfoods folks to join
that association for free. I was sure that they would be interested
in promoting Superfoods Day, make an event out of it, and drive
sales with some promotions. I chose November 30
th to be
Superfoods Day, rationalizing that it’s the very last day to start a
book campaign before the trafficzing review.
Finding people related to Superfoods folks was a nightmare. I
searched Twitter and I followed everyone who had the word
“Superfoods” in their name or handle. A lot of people followed
back. I combed their profiles and picked more than 100 emails
from their web sites, and then emailed them. Five people
responded and they were thrilled to participate, but nothing really
materialized. I moved my books from e-Junkie to Gumroad and
set my books to a “Pay What You Want” price, hoping that
someone would buy at least one of my books. The result was two
visits and zero sales, and one of those visits was me. I was ready
to throw the towel.
Here is what I learned:
• Blogging takes time. It takes time to write good blog posts and it
takes time for your blog to get noticed.
• Blogging requires a long-term strategy

• Blogging requires building relationships with people.
• You have to have engaged audience, particularly if you want to
sell them anything using your trafficzing review.
• You have to provide a lot of free content to your readers first, to
build their trust. Then they will buy. But you have to have enough
eyeballs looking at your stuff.
I didn’t have many eyeballs on my content. My MailChimp email
list consisted of eleven people. Seven of them were really me,
using some fake emails to test the MailChimp campaigns and the
MailChimp WordPress widget. The other four people on my list
joined because I was answering a lot of questions on Quora. None
of them were from the USA. I had zero sales. My campaign was a
complete flop, and here’s why:
• I’m an introvert. I don’t have too many friends on trafficzing review . Those I have are mostly IT geeks and family members.
• I started my blog under a pen name. I didn’t wanted my employer
and friends to know what I was doing and there were too many
personal things in my books about me and my son’s health issues.
• I loved to help people on forums with their problems, but I didn’t
have much time. Full-time employment and parenting my children
left me with only a couple of hours each day to commit myself to
my online activities, including content writing.
I had five years of Superfoods recipes in my head and I wanted
them in electronic form. All I wanted to do is write content and
mildly market it.
I finally decided to give Kindle publishing a try, figuring that it’s a
platform where customers are coming with their credit cards ready
and where I would have some chance to be discovered.

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Content Siphon Review – Create Engaging Content Instantly

Content Siphon Review – Create Engaging Content Instantly

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What I LOVE about Physical Product Arbitrage is the freedom to “source” items
from numerous suppliers where I can SELL first then order and either they ship
the goods direct to my customer or I take care of the shipping.
Some of these suppliers can be found online and others could be right on your
NEVER underestimate the POWER of the content siphon review.
Here’s a case in point…
Amazon had ran out of a certain product, so I simply copied the product name
into a Google search and lo and behold here was the same product priced even
cheaper, what’s more the company did FREE shipping with 24 hour delivery
within the UK.
I’ve used this method several times now and now I search the “shopping”
results of Google almost as often as I search Amazon!

You’ll uncover NUMEROUS suppliers who are more than happy to ship the
items for you as a “gift” without the invoice inside the content siphon review , just as we do
when shipping items from Amazon

Don’t forget to check out “Budget Retailers”, you’ll be amazed at the prices
and the potential for profit!
Here’s a list of my FAVOURITE online sites to grab bargains that can be sold for
great profits on eBay. Most offer discounted and even FREE delivery and they
WILL ship as gifts, many times in content siphon review

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Bing Bang Profits Review – Generate High-Converting Ads Campaigns Effortlessly

Bing Bang Profits Review – Generate High-Converting Ads Campaigns Effortlessly

Official Site:

The EXACT Process I Use To Sell From Amazon To
“Quality over quantity” has always been my moto in everything I do online.
Sure the MORE listings you have on eBay means the more chance of success;
however, I’d rather have MORE of the RIGHT bing bang profits review online so I’m not wasting
my time and effort listing something that may not sell.
That is why I have spent so much time in the previous section to ensure you
grasp the “concept” of researching the “in-demand” items.
Before we go into the EXACT “how-to” there are a couple of things you are
going to need.
1) An eBay account. You don’t need to be fancy here, a personal eBay
account will work just fine in the beginning; however, once you begin to
sell regularly I would urge you to switch to a business account.
2) A PayPal account, this is so you can accept instant payments so you are
receiving the money from the sale before you are ordering the products.
Again in the beginning you can use a personal PayPal account; however,
as your business grows and your sales volume increases I would
recommend setting up a Premier or bing bang profits review
3) A basic Amazon account WITHOUT Amazon Prime. –We NEVER ship
from Amazon via PRIME as this will get your account flagged and you
WILL lose your PRIME benefits.
Details on how to set up the bing bang profits review below are in the accompanying
Workbook “eBay, Amazon, PayPal guide”
Note: I’d urge you to carry out your own due diligence regarding trading as an
individual, setting up a company or any other commercial entity as the laws
and regulations differ from country to country.
Likewise, I’d recommend you check out the information regarding the use of
PayPal and eBay to ensure you conform to their Terms of Service and Terms of
Conditions/User Agreements

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Hypespout Review – Get More Leads & Sales On Autopilot

Hypespout Review – Get More Leads & Sales On Autopilot

Official Site:

There are some fantastic hypesprout review for established sellers and once you have
built up your income from your selling activities I’d recommend you grab a free
trial of Terapeak and also check out their training webinars on YouTube!

NOTE: Please check their FAQ’s and Support forums to ensure your country is
covered by this tool! This is 100% USA functional, so if you are based
in the USA this a GREAT tool for you.
Currently the subscription price is $19.95 per month.

There are numerous other tools you can check out to; however, I simply
wanted to share these with you so you are aware there are other ways of
researching rather than having to carry out hypesprout review manually.

How to Research Manually
The truth is there is NO real magical way to research potential profitable items,
there is; however, a way to improve your chances of tapping into a best seller
or even something that shifts a lot of units making you a nice regular income.
You will uncover products and suppliers where you will be able to make $100+
profit and that’s great, although you will soon discover those items take a lot
longer to sell and your MAIN income earners will be those that return a profit
of between $5 and $35 profit per item.
So when researching items DO NOT ignore them for only having a small profit
margin as with a fair wind these items are often the ones that sell hundreds of
Note: Always make sure you allow for ANY costs that you may incur when
selling an item, these may be listing costs in hypesprout review or Amazon™, PayPal fees,
shipping costs (we always try to avoid these where possible) or any other
“expense” that may be incurred.
There are fee calculators available at eBay™, Amazon™ and PayPal™ that you
can use to calculate your potential costs.
Here’s some basic math for you:
Source price = $15.00 (the price you can BUY the item for)
Selling Price = $29.95 (the price you can SELL the item for)
Costs = $ 7.50 (selling fee’s etc – this is an example only!)
Profit = $ 7.45 (what you earn as income before taxes)
In the example above we are making $7.45 every time we sell this item before
any income tax etc.
The key is to be organised and TRACK your potential and active items that you
are selling.

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Crazykala 2.0 Review – Create Professional Graphic Designs

Crazykala 2.0 Review – Create Professional Graphic Designs

Official Site:

I would churn out at least five “mini-sites” per week, sometimes even throwing
up “Blogger” blogs as often as I could to save on domain name costs.
It was the “Gold Rush” and those who worked the system reaped the rewards.
Sometimes when I’m feeling a little sentimental I’ll “Google” – “pay per click
arbitrage 2006 or 2007” and look at the other “mavericks” who were also in on
the game back then, it makes for interesting reading if you’re ever bored or
suffer from insomnia!
Anyway, enough of the rocking chair chat; let’s bring things right up to date…
I’m a firm believer in keeping things Stupidly Simple, hence the title I chose for
this “course”. So let’s dive into Physical Product Arbitrage, these are proven
strategies that are super easy to implement and best of all won’t cost you a
penny up front to get started!

Physical Product Arbitrage
This in one of the simplest ways to make money you will ever come across.
We simply find an in demand product from one crazykala 2.0 review and sell this on
Most people restrict this to selling on eBay and buying from Amazon or vice
versa; however, there are other “online” retailers that can be used to source
products at knockdown prices, offering fantastic profit margins!
Physical product arbitrage can become very, very addictive, as the potential for
profits is
However, please remember you’re doing this to make money, NOT pay for a
ton of stock you can’t shift later. The way to avoid this is simple, treat
everything you do as transactional, remove all emotions and STICK to the
crazykala 2.0 review.
Let me explain.
I shared these methods with a friend of mine and after their initial successes;
they decided they wanted to “scale up” a little. Despite my advice, the “green
eyed monster” had struck and they went out and bought stock that they
thought they were going to sell easily and make a ton of profit.
(They still have a lot of that stock sitting in their garage today!)
Greed had taken hold and they ignored the very basics of what I’m about to
There are elements you must keep in mind to ensure your crazykala 2.0 review.
The KEY to getting off the ground with Physical Product Arbitrage is to
understand the basics of “money in vs money out”. Everything you do should
be to ensure you are always in a 100% cash positive position.
This is easily achieved by using these methods as you will be selling first,
ordering second and shipping third!

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XNiche360 Review – Get ready to tap into Ten Hottest Niches of The Time!

XNiche360 Review – Get ready to tap into Ten Hottest Niches of The Time!

Official Site:

This workbook is where we are going to delve into the Stupidly Simple World
of Physical Product Arbitrage.
There have been NUMEROUS courses created on Physical Product Arbitrage
and for VERY good reasons…
Physical Product Arbitrage SIMPLY works!
It is without doubt one of the quickest and in my opinion BEST ways to
generate a great income without any up-front costs.
However, this “course” is NOT all about Amazon to eBay, although we’ll be
covering this in great detail, I want to give you even MORE methods that will
increase your income without having to spend a dime in set-up costs etc.
You’re going to learn how to MAXIMISE your time and efforts by listing “indemand” products rather than the “scatter-gun” approach used by the masses.
Rather than throwing mud at the wall hoping some will stick, you will be laser
targeting the TOP selling and MOST POPULAR xniche360 review which will increase your
chances of hitting a home run and bringing home the bacon.
You’ll discover how to position your products to sell more and also learn why
PRICE is NOT the be all and end all.
You’ll discover WHERE to find products that are priced to sell and priced for
profit and how to tap into little known places to uncover some real gems!

The methods I’m about to share with you are NOT new, in fact they have been
around for centuries; however, we NOW have the added benefit of living in the
digital age where we can “source” products and/or services locally or globally
within a few seconds at the touch of a button!
Once you know EXACTLY what your potential buyers are looking to buy, you
can run a few simple searches and come up with a multitude of results that will
allow you to make a good profit.
Firstly, let’s look at why these xniche360 review work so well:
Perception of value.
By leveraging the above, we are able to provide our customers with EXACTLY
what they are looking to buy and they will thank us for doing so again and
Once you embrace this concept you will see unlimited opportunities where you
can apply what you are about to learn and make a great profit. Even better, if
you choose, you will NEVER have to handle any product or provide any service
yourself, in fact you will simply become the “middle guy/gal” who marries the
end customer to the original xniche360 review, and what’s more both parties will thank
you for it!

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Video Spinn Review – The Easiest Video Creation App In The Market

Video Spinn Review – The Easiest Video Creation App In The Market

Official Site:

It’s important that you do exactly as instructed to ensure your advert is
The adverts run for 45 days or until you decide to stop them.
Wait 48 hours and if you have not had any sales from your advert, create
another advert using different images and reduce your price by 10%.
I’ve often had a surge of orders when doing this and it is a worthwhile exercise.
Also note, I don’t edit the adverts once I have published them, instead I would
rather create a fresh advert with a different headline, body copy, call to action
and images

Handling client enquiries
Here’s where things can get interesting.
You’ll soon discover that there are some weird and wonderful people in the
World and you’re going to get your fair share replying to your adverts.
I’ve had all kinds of weirdness; however, I remain steadfast and professional
and this seems to weed out the wheat from the chaff.
Here’s my “canned” response to ALL enquiries, again, please adjust this to suit
your style of writing and how you wish to conduct your video spinn review.
“Thank you for your enquiry,
My name is XXXX (decide if you want to use your real name or not and only
use your first name).
I head up the design team here and will be your point of contact for the
duration of the project.
To ensure we provide you with the highest level of service please provide
your email address and we will set up a “dedicated” Dropbox folder for your
We use Dropbox as it allows us to easily transfer files back and forward and it
saves emails going missing etc.
Dropbox is free and you can set up an account at
Once the folder has been set up, please upload any images you would like us
to use in the Timeline cover, also if you have seen a specific “design” that you
like, either send us a screenshot or the actual URL to the Facebook page and
our designers will take their inspiration from video spinn review .
Next, please provide your PayPal email address; this is so we can invoice the
first 50% of the project value. We will ONLY invoice the remaining balance on
your complete satisfaction.
Once again thank you for your video spinn review

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Piggyback Payday Review – Earn Huge Profits with a Powerful Combination

Piggyback Payday Review – Earn Huge Profits with a Powerful Combination

Official Site:

So, now we get to the money making side of things.
There’s an abundance of jobs that you can search and
apply for on piggyback payday review.
Simply, bash in some keywords related to your niche,
and think outside the box.
For example…
I could search Geofilter for any Snapchat Geofilter
jobs. However I’d also search for Snapchat, Filter,
Geo just in case people either misspell or don’t know
the proper name.
I’ve applied and won a good amount of jobs from
thinking outside the box in regards to piggyback payday review .
Select the job you want to apply for…

Make sure you read through the details so you
understand what the client wants doing, and make sure
you know how much your Fiverr freelancer is going to

Even if it means copying the details and pasting them
into a Fiverr message to see what they think so you
know how much you’ll need to pay them.
Then, hit submit proposal.
And fill out the next page, put how much you’re going
to bid, taking into account the Upwork fees and
Fiverr cost.
I like to aim to earn at least 100% ROI. So if I pay
$20 in total then I want to earn $40 in profit back.
You’ll find some jobs, where the client has put their
budget and it vastly exceeds what you’ll pay. For
example I’ve had clients with a $200 budget for a job
which would only cost $15 on piggyback payday review.
For those clients, I’d lower my bid and not get
Next, select the estimated duration, making sure you
know how fast your Fiverr freelancer can get your
service delivered.
In my case, I have a freelancer that returns quality
work within 5 hours which is a great plus point for
putting in your job application.
Then your cover letter…
Here’s my generic cover letter:
Hi there,
I’d love to put myself forward for this awesome job opportunity.
My name is Thomas and I’m a prolific Snapchat user and talented Geofilter
designer. For the last 6 months I’ve been designing unique and stunning
Geofilters for all types of occasion.
Weddings, baby showers, nights out, schools, birthdays and business events.
Your job posting is ideally suited to my skills and I’d be more than happy to
hop on a Skype call or instant message here on Upwork to discuss your job,
my skills and your requirements.
I’ve attached a PDF document showcasing some of my recent

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Oninbox Review – Empower Email Marketing Campaigns

Oninbox Review – Empower Email Marketing Campaigns

Official Site:

After that initial test I realised potential buyers go through a “research”
process that could involve both online research and offline research. For
Seed keyword – Digital Camera
nd Search – Compact Digital Camera
rd Search – Compact Digital Camera Reviews
th Search – Product Specific Keywords found in reviews, i.e. Panasonic Lumix
TZ70 Review”
th Search – BUY Panasonic Lumix TZ70 or BEST PRICE Panasonic Lumix TZ70
So when you create your listings use the “specific” product name as your title
and associated keywords in the body and tags and you’ll have more chance of
grabbing the right buyer’s every time.
PS – this goes for all of online marketing, be specific when attracting potential

eBay Extended
Ok so now you have your listing on eBay you can do one of two things.
1) Let eBay send you the traffic, after all they have about 155 Million of
2) As above PLUS be proactive and promote your listings.
Both of the above methods work and with a fair wind you should make sales;
however, I like to find NEW places where I can promote my services for free
and for this I use the following.
Online Classified Advertising sites: Craigslist (see bonus items), Locanto,
Gumtree, FreeAds, UkClassifieds, there are literally thousands more. To find
these simply Google “online classified sites” and add your city or country to get
localised results. There are loads of these sites who will allow you to advertise,
many FREE.
The beauty of posting “ads” and then directing people to your oninbox review is
the potential customer now “perceives” they are getting a bargain price as you
are selling your services on eBay. Yup, good old Buyers Perception of Value
works for us once again!
Sometimes it also pays to be the first mover on these sites as people often
search for services on them as these are the sites they use on a daily basis.
I mention this in workbook one.
People have a list of sites they use daily, oninbox review, Twitter, YouTube, Amazon,
eBay, “classified sites”, etc.
All we are doing is getting our services in front of them. Incidentally, I’ve also
sold my Physical Products listed on eBay on these oninbox review.

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