Traffic Titan 3 Review – Integral Solution for Affiliate Marketing

Traffic Titan 3 Review – Integral Solution for Affiliate Marketing

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Seller C was on the right psychological track. She was building trust — one of the most
important emotional marketing “hot traffic titan 3 review” — by admitting that the club was is trouble
and is working aggressively to become successful.
But by refusing to be upfront and
explain exactly what had gone wrong at the club,
Seller C accomplished the complete opposite of her goal:
loss of trust.
Seller C’s potential club member became worried that Club Widget had failed a health
code inspection, was having problems with its equipment, or maybe was going to close
before the year was out. That meant that joining was a bad idea.
No sale.
As for Seller A…well, let’s leave that poor, misguided, soon-to-be-out-of-business soul to
her sorrowful end. Everything about her presentation pushes the prospective client away.
This really isn’t the right moment…the solution I’m offering is hard…There’s no
guarantee that you’ll be satisfied.
That’s no way to make a prospective client feel good about doing business with you!

When a prospect is considering a traffic titan 3 review or service, the #1 question on his/her mind is
“What’s in it for me?”
The not-so-smart marketer will try to answer that question by simply listing the
of a product. But the smart marketer — usually by painting a compelling visual picture —
explains how the features will
benefit the consumer.
So in
your sales copy, you may list features, but you’ll want to be sure to describe the
they offer. That’s the way to answer “What’s in it for me.”
Test time again! See if you can you pick out the traffic titan 3 review vs. the benefit in the product
sales lines below:

Widget Motorized Golf Caddy mean no more huffing and puffing on
your way to the 18
th hole


Widget Umbrella Policies protect you and your house for up to $250,000
so that you can sleep in peace even when there’s a tornado on the horizon.

In the first example, the feature is a motor that pushes the caddy, but the benefit is not
appearing out of shape when you stagger, out-of-breath to the 18
th hole. The umbrella
policy feature is a tangible quarter-million dollars of coverage, but the benefit is peace of
Consumers buy products and services for
their reasons, not yours. It’s the reason you’ll
want to use the word “You” more than the word “We” in your messages. When you
present the benefits of your products or services, frame them with your
emotional interests
in mind, not your own.
Can you see the difference in the two pitches below?

Widget sells the best lawnmowers in the county
Your lawn will look better with less work with Widget lawn mowers

In the first pitch phrase, the message is about the company “We are the best.”
In the second,
the message is about the consumer, “You won’t have to work hard to
make your lawn look better.”
Message #2 is the perfect answer to every consumer’s question: “What’s in it for me?”

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