LiveReach Review – The Ultimate Livecast Desktop Software

LiveReach Review – The Ultimate Livecast Desktop Software

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Does sex sell? You bet! Sex is the second strongest of our livereach review , right behind selfpreservation.
Since anything having to do with sex tends to get our attention, it’s a perfect tool for

Billboards advertising alcohol that used sexual appeals were remembered 91%
more often
compared to those without sexual appeals.


The annual Sports Illustrated Swimsuit edition generates sales to 59 million
, compared to the magazine’s average of 21 million


The Cosmo “Sex Poll” issue sold 2.3 million copies compared with its average
1.7 million copies.

For Sexy People Only
The sexually charged images in advertising lead a consumer to believe that by purchasing
the livereach review, he/she will look like the people in the ads…have fun like the people in the
ads…BECOME the people in the ads.
Advertisers use
different strategies for each gender and with good reason. “Sexually
appealing” has a different meaning for men and women. A study conducted at
Washington State University showed that
simply showing a woman’s body attracts a
man’s attention and convinces him to buy
Why? Because men associate getting the model with buying the product.
Women, however, use intellect and romance — in addition to anatomy — as a means of
relating to men. That’s why
ads targeting women are less explicit and will focus on
livereach review rather than the sex act.
Sex work best when the product or service can
honestly promise increased sex appeal
such as fragrances, cosmetics, clothing, personal hygiene products, and especially cars.
With products like these,
enhanced sexiness can be a persuasive product benefit, and
thus the focus of your ad.
The use of strong or mild sexuality can help attract and sustain attention, no matter the
product or service. From the FCUK brand of clothes, to Hyatt Hotel’s “Who are you
sleeping with?” campaigns.
Food for Thought: When in Rome…or Napal…or Kabul
If you’re marketing to an international marketplace, keep in mind that sexual
values and taboos vary greatly around the world and are constantly evolving.

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