Postly Review – Discover the Gurus’ Ultimate Affiliate Tricks

Postly Review – Discover the Gurus’ Ultimate Affiliate Tricks

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Seriously, you really only need to master the three plots above to get really good at
writing stories that sell. Anything else you do will only increase your persuasion power
by a little bit. So master those three plots first. Then, if you want to take it further, start
using postly review
These are plots within the main plot. For example, let’s look at the “journey plot”. What if
along the way, you talked about how so many times you were close to the solution, but
experienced a setback. Then you overcame that setback only to run into another one. And
another way. But you always came out on top.
That’s a “loss and redemption” sub plot.
Another sub plot you might consider to work into your main plot is “escape”. In this case,
you were held captive, either mentally or physically, and you were able to break out of
that “prison” and gain freedom.
Or you can do the opposite sub plot – “rescue”. In this case, you were trying to free
something or someone else that was “held against their will”, and you were able to do so.
Another great plot that works really good with the “us vs. them” main postly review is the
“underdog” subplot. This is the classical David and Goliath. You were at all odds,
everything was against you, and you still succeeded in spite of all that, and you know
how to show them to do the same.
2 Advanced Story Telling Plots
There are two other plots that you can consider using, but I’d only use these after you
master the three basic plots, and also the use of sub plots. That’s because these two story
plots I’m about to show you take a lot more skill to use effectively, but they also can give
you tremendous results in the right postly review.
The first plot is “reluctant selling”. This plot works because it is different than what most
people are used to reading in sales letters. In most cases, the situation is you are trying to
sell them something, and the reader is trying to come up with reasons NOT to buy. There
is almost always resistance when you are pushing someone to do anything – even if it’s in
their best interest.
You can side step that resistance, and completely nullify it if you position yourself to
appear as though you don’t care if they buy from you at all, and that you don’t really even
want or need to sell to them (even though, of course you want them to buy).

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