Azon Fat Cats Review – Best Course On Selling on Amazon

Azon Fat Cats Review – Best Course On Selling on Amazon

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And another thing happened, too: by testing the different headlines up front and seeing
the effect they had on conversion, I found out which “hook” would likely make the
biggest impact in the letter I was writing.
So testing can do more than simply boost your azon fat cats review . It can tell you things about
your target market that’ll ultimately indicate what they want. Then you can go ahead and
give it to them.
In the very first sentence of this azon fat cats review, I talked about a single change you can make to
your website right now that’ll take you only minutes to do, but could increase your sales
and conversions by 300% or more.
That’s the power of testing new headlines. (Yes, it’ll take you more than a few minutes to
write the new headlines, but it’s time very well spent).
So I recommend at a minimum you start there and do that as soon as possible.
After your headline, I’d move to your lead next (the first few paragraphs of your body
copy, including any deck copy), and then perhaps your P.S., arguably the most widely
read part of your sales letter after the headline and azon fat cats review.
And don’t forget to test your offer.
How did you arrive at your price point for your product?
Most likely you saw what similar products in your niche were selling for and decided to
offer a comparable price.
That’s a good starting point, but you may find that by raising your price, you’ll make
fewer sales, but make more profits when you factor in support costs and everything else.
Or you may find that by lowering the price, sales explode, resulting in an avalanche of
orders that shoot your profits through the stratosphere.
The bottom line is you need to find that ROI “sweet spot,” and the only way I know of to
do that is by testing your offer.
That could mean more than just testing your price. You could test splitting up the
payments, using a “bill me later” option, adding or removing certain bonus premiums
(yes, sometimes taking
away bonuses can increase your conversion and/or ROI), or
forced continuity, an overlooked buried treasure in many cases, among others.
In fact, the sheer number of things you can test is mind boggling.
I already mentioned you should start with the things that are likely to make the biggest

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