Video Agency Studio Review – Your Own Video Agency

Video Agency Studio Review – Your Own Video Agency

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On the copywriting forums that discuss copywriting, people are always posting their
websites, asking for critiques. Sometimes it’s fairly obvious what they could do to
improve their response. Other times what we may think will work better can actually
make things worse. In the end it doesn’t matter what you or I or other video agency studio review
It only matters what your
prospects think, and they weigh in on how much they like your
headline or offer by purchasing and becoming a customer.
Remember, the name of the game is to always try to beat your control (your bestperforming sales letter). Once you have a proven sales letter, it truly
is money in the
bank. When you know your average response rate, you can predict what getting more of
the same kinds of prospects to your website will do to your bottom line.
It’s the
equivalent of printing money on video agency studio review.
When you get right down to it, who wouldn’t want their average conversion rate to be as
high as possible? I don’t know of anyone who
wants a lower conversion rate, but I do
know plenty of people who don’t test. Whether they realize it or not, they are settling for
less than they’re capable of achieving.
How often have you gone to a marketing or copywriting forum and
heard someone talk about testing?
How does my headline look? Is this a good price to sell my video agency studio review? What kind of font
should I use? What’s the best ending digit for a price? Should I send them to an opt-in
page first, or send them straight to my sales letter? Will a picture of me help to add more
credibility and lead to more sales? Should I use a header graphic?
And what’s the answer that marketing veterans and novices alike always give in
You guessed right!
“Test it.”
And while that answer is probably the right one for those types of questions, it’s amazing
to me how many people know about testing (in theory anyway) and still don’t practice
what they preach. Still others know they should test but have no idea how to do it
properly, even if they
think they know.
The nice thing about testing is that it doesn’t require a lot of marketing know-how to do
it. Anyone with a few basic tools and a solid understanding of the basics can run circles
around some so-called marketing “gurus” when it comes to testing. I hate to use the ‘ol
cliché, but it definitely
ain’t rocket science.
So let’s start by going over some of the basics.
The two main goals of testing are to…
– Spend less money to acquire customers

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