Emperor de Affiliates Review – The Most Anticipated Affiliate Marketing Product of Year

Emperor de Affiliates Review – The Most Anticipated Affiliate Marketing Product of Year

Official Site: https://goo.gl/iV4uFV

Your opt-in/name squeeze page
Your email autoresponder sequence
Your audio and video podcasts
Your teleseminars
And certainly your sales page
You see, the real purpose of testing is to
develop the most profitable end-to-end
marketing funnel. So by serving up one
version of a PPC ad/squeeze page/sales
letter combo to one group of prospects,
and a completely different version to
another (depending on their wants and
needs), you create a more targeted
message, and your emperor de affiliates review
So it’s not just about conversion. Look
at the chart in Figure 1 one more time.
It’s about improving those numbers that
you have some degree of control over,
either directly or indirectly. The
highlighted bolded numbers.
Given the examples in that chart, I’d
choose to spend my advertising dollars
in the $2 per visitor source over the $1
per emperor de affiliates review one. Even though I’ll get
fewer visitors, look at the results. My
cost per lead, and more importantly, my
cost per sale are both cheaper. And if I
took it even further, maybe I’d find out
that the lower cost per sale actually
gives me a lower ROI when back-end
sales are factored in as well. Maybe the extra money spent acquiring each sale is worth it
in the long run.

But I’d never know that information if I didn’t test.
So unless I get new emperor de affiliates review telling me otherwise, I’ll stick with the $2 visitor source.
And once that dries up, only then would I move to my next-highest profitable traffic
source (the $1 per visitor in this example).

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