LiveReach Review – The Ultimate Livecast Desktop Software

LiveReach Review – The Ultimate Livecast Desktop Software

Official Site:

Does sex sell? You bet! Sex is the second strongest of our livereach review , right behind selfpreservation.
Since anything having to do with sex tends to get our attention, it’s a perfect tool for

Billboards advertising alcohol that used sexual appeals were remembered 91%
more often
compared to those without sexual appeals.


The annual Sports Illustrated Swimsuit edition generates sales to 59 million
, compared to the magazine’s average of 21 million


The Cosmo “Sex Poll” issue sold 2.3 million copies compared with its average
1.7 million copies.

For Sexy People Only
The sexually charged images in advertising lead a consumer to believe that by purchasing
the livereach review, he/she will look like the people in the ads…have fun like the people in the
ads…BECOME the people in the ads.
Advertisers use
different strategies for each gender and with good reason. “Sexually
appealing” has a different meaning for men and women. A study conducted at
Washington State University showed that
simply showing a woman’s body attracts a
man’s attention and convinces him to buy
Why? Because men associate getting the model with buying the product.
Women, however, use intellect and romance — in addition to anatomy — as a means of
relating to men. That’s why
ads targeting women are less explicit and will focus on
livereach review rather than the sex act.
Sex work best when the product or service can
honestly promise increased sex appeal
such as fragrances, cosmetics, clothing, personal hygiene products, and especially cars.
With products like these,
enhanced sexiness can be a persuasive product benefit, and
thus the focus of your ad.
The use of strong or mild sexuality can help attract and sustain attention, no matter the
product or service. From the FCUK brand of clothes, to Hyatt Hotel’s “Who are you
sleeping with?” campaigns.
Food for Thought: When in Rome…or Napal…or Kabul
If you’re marketing to an international marketplace, keep in mind that sexual
values and taboos vary greatly around the world and are constantly evolving.

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Traffic Titan 3 Review – Integral Solution for Affiliate Marketing

Traffic Titan 3 Review – Integral Solution for Affiliate Marketing

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Seller C was on the right psychological track. She was building trust — one of the most
important emotional marketing “hot traffic titan 3 review” — by admitting that the club was is trouble
and is working aggressively to become successful.
But by refusing to be upfront and
explain exactly what had gone wrong at the club,
Seller C accomplished the complete opposite of her goal:
loss of trust.
Seller C’s potential club member became worried that Club Widget had failed a health
code inspection, was having problems with its equipment, or maybe was going to close
before the year was out. That meant that joining was a bad idea.
No sale.
As for Seller A…well, let’s leave that poor, misguided, soon-to-be-out-of-business soul to
her sorrowful end. Everything about her presentation pushes the prospective client away.
This really isn’t the right moment…the solution I’m offering is hard…There’s no
guarantee that you’ll be satisfied.
That’s no way to make a prospective client feel good about doing business with you!

When a prospect is considering a traffic titan 3 review or service, the #1 question on his/her mind is
“What’s in it for me?”
The not-so-smart marketer will try to answer that question by simply listing the
of a product. But the smart marketer — usually by painting a compelling visual picture —
explains how the features will
benefit the consumer.
So in
your sales copy, you may list features, but you’ll want to be sure to describe the
they offer. That’s the way to answer “What’s in it for me.”
Test time again! See if you can you pick out the traffic titan 3 review vs. the benefit in the product
sales lines below:

Widget Motorized Golf Caddy mean no more huffing and puffing on
your way to the 18
th hole


Widget Umbrella Policies protect you and your house for up to $250,000
so that you can sleep in peace even when there’s a tornado on the horizon.

In the first example, the feature is a motor that pushes the caddy, but the benefit is not
appearing out of shape when you stagger, out-of-breath to the 18
th hole. The umbrella
policy feature is a tangible quarter-million dollars of coverage, but the benefit is peace of
Consumers buy products and services for
their reasons, not yours. It’s the reason you’ll
want to use the word “You” more than the word “We” in your messages. When you
present the benefits of your products or services, frame them with your
emotional interests
in mind, not your own.
Can you see the difference in the two pitches below?

Widget sells the best lawnmowers in the county
Your lawn will look better with less work with Widget lawn mowers

In the first pitch phrase, the message is about the company “We are the best.”
In the second,
the message is about the consumer, “You won’t have to work hard to
make your lawn look better.”
Message #2 is the perfect answer to every consumer’s question: “What’s in it for me?”

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Postly Review – Discover the Gurus’ Ultimate Affiliate Tricks

Postly Review – Discover the Gurus’ Ultimate Affiliate Tricks

Official Site:

Seriously, you really only need to master the three plots above to get really good at
writing stories that sell. Anything else you do will only increase your persuasion power
by a little bit. So master those three plots first. Then, if you want to take it further, start
using postly review
These are plots within the main plot. For example, let’s look at the “journey plot”. What if
along the way, you talked about how so many times you were close to the solution, but
experienced a setback. Then you overcame that setback only to run into another one. And
another way. But you always came out on top.
That’s a “loss and redemption” sub plot.
Another sub plot you might consider to work into your main plot is “escape”. In this case,
you were held captive, either mentally or physically, and you were able to break out of
that “prison” and gain freedom.
Or you can do the opposite sub plot – “rescue”. In this case, you were trying to free
something or someone else that was “held against their will”, and you were able to do so.
Another great plot that works really good with the “us vs. them” main postly review is the
“underdog” subplot. This is the classical David and Goliath. You were at all odds,
everything was against you, and you still succeeded in spite of all that, and you know
how to show them to do the same.
2 Advanced Story Telling Plots
There are two other plots that you can consider using, but I’d only use these after you
master the three basic plots, and also the use of sub plots. That’s because these two story
plots I’m about to show you take a lot more skill to use effectively, but they also can give
you tremendous results in the right postly review.
The first plot is “reluctant selling”. This plot works because it is different than what most
people are used to reading in sales letters. In most cases, the situation is you are trying to
sell them something, and the reader is trying to come up with reasons NOT to buy. There
is almost always resistance when you are pushing someone to do anything – even if it’s in
their best interest.
You can side step that resistance, and completely nullify it if you position yourself to
appear as though you don’t care if they buy from you at all, and that you don’t really even
want or need to sell to them (even though, of course you want them to buy).

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Targeting Academy Review – A Path to Find the Right Customers

Targeting Academy Review – A Path to Find the Right Customers

Official Site:

In this report I’ve showed you the importance of visitor value and how to determine your targeting academy review .
I’ve shown you how to test the right way, to maximize your return on investment (ROI)
as much as possible.
I’ve shown you the importance of testing by traffic source, because prospects from
separate sources will have their own expectations, and they’ll respond to a more
precisely-matched message. That is, you’ll do better by continuing the conversation
already going on in their minds.
We’ve talked about how advertising, when done right, is not an expense, but a profit
I’ve shown you the relationship between your market, your targeting academy review, and your sales copy,
and how all 3 must be spot-on for maximum revenue.
We’ve even covered the basics of a marketing funnel, and how many businesses aren’t
maximizing theirs.
And finally, I hope I’ve been able to show you how a self-evolving website could be just
the opportunity you’ve been waiting for to grow your business even further, and squeeze
every last bit of profit available to you.
I’ve given you a starting point, and some good targeting academy review  to explore further.
The rest, as they say, is up to you.
How much can your website conversion rate, profits, and (perhaps most importantly) ROI
Well, of course that’s going to vary, but it’s not unusual to see gains of 55% to 300% or
more. And by working with a professional copywriter with a proven track record, you
have an unprecedented opportunity to reinvent your business and grow your business for
many years to come.
I sincerely hope you take the information I presented in this report and use it to better
your business and your life. And if it helps you, I’d love to hear your success story.
After all, when we pool our resources and knowledge, we all win in the end.

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Azon Fat Cats Review – Best Course On Selling on Amazon

Azon Fat Cats Review – Best Course On Selling on Amazon

Official Site:

And another thing happened, too: by testing the different headlines up front and seeing
the effect they had on conversion, I found out which “hook” would likely make the
biggest impact in the letter I was writing.
So testing can do more than simply boost your azon fat cats review . It can tell you things about
your target market that’ll ultimately indicate what they want. Then you can go ahead and
give it to them.
In the very first sentence of this azon fat cats review, I talked about a single change you can make to
your website right now that’ll take you only minutes to do, but could increase your sales
and conversions by 300% or more.
That’s the power of testing new headlines. (Yes, it’ll take you more than a few minutes to
write the new headlines, but it’s time very well spent).
So I recommend at a minimum you start there and do that as soon as possible.
After your headline, I’d move to your lead next (the first few paragraphs of your body
copy, including any deck copy), and then perhaps your P.S., arguably the most widely
read part of your sales letter after the headline and azon fat cats review.
And don’t forget to test your offer.
How did you arrive at your price point for your product?
Most likely you saw what similar products in your niche were selling for and decided to
offer a comparable price.
That’s a good starting point, but you may find that by raising your price, you’ll make
fewer sales, but make more profits when you factor in support costs and everything else.
Or you may find that by lowering the price, sales explode, resulting in an avalanche of
orders that shoot your profits through the stratosphere.
The bottom line is you need to find that ROI “sweet spot,” and the only way I know of to
do that is by testing your offer.
That could mean more than just testing your price. You could test splitting up the
payments, using a “bill me later” option, adding or removing certain bonus premiums
(yes, sometimes taking
away bonuses can increase your conversion and/or ROI), or
forced continuity, an overlooked buried treasure in many cases, among others.
In fact, the sheer number of things you can test is mind boggling.
I already mentioned you should start with the things that are likely to make the biggest

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Emperor de Affiliates Review – The Most Anticipated Affiliate Marketing Product of Year

Emperor de Affiliates Review – The Most Anticipated Affiliate Marketing Product of Year

Official Site:

Your opt-in/name squeeze page
Your email autoresponder sequence
Your audio and video podcasts
Your teleseminars
And certainly your sales page
You see, the real purpose of testing is to
develop the most profitable end-to-end
marketing funnel. So by serving up one
version of a PPC ad/squeeze page/sales
letter combo to one group of prospects,
and a completely different version to
another (depending on their wants and
needs), you create a more targeted
message, and your emperor de affiliates review
So it’s not just about conversion. Look
at the chart in Figure 1 one more time.
It’s about improving those numbers that
you have some degree of control over,
either directly or indirectly. The
highlighted bolded numbers.
Given the examples in that chart, I’d
choose to spend my advertising dollars
in the $2 per visitor source over the $1
per emperor de affiliates review one. Even though I’ll get
fewer visitors, look at the results. My
cost per lead, and more importantly, my
cost per sale are both cheaper. And if I
took it even further, maybe I’d find out
that the lower cost per sale actually
gives me a lower ROI when back-end
sales are factored in as well. Maybe the extra money spent acquiring each sale is worth it
in the long run.

But I’d never know that information if I didn’t test.
So unless I get new emperor de affiliates review telling me otherwise, I’ll stick with the $2 visitor source.
And once that dries up, only then would I move to my next-highest profitable traffic
source (the $1 per visitor in this example).

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Video Agency Studio Review – Your Own Video Agency

Video Agency Studio Review – Your Own Video Agency

Official Site:

On the copywriting forums that discuss copywriting, people are always posting their
websites, asking for critiques. Sometimes it’s fairly obvious what they could do to
improve their response. Other times what we may think will work better can actually
make things worse. In the end it doesn’t matter what you or I or other video agency studio review
It only matters what your
prospects think, and they weigh in on how much they like your
headline or offer by purchasing and becoming a customer.
Remember, the name of the game is to always try to beat your control (your bestperforming sales letter). Once you have a proven sales letter, it truly
is money in the
bank. When you know your average response rate, you can predict what getting more of
the same kinds of prospects to your website will do to your bottom line.
It’s the
equivalent of printing money on video agency studio review.
When you get right down to it, who wouldn’t want their average conversion rate to be as
high as possible? I don’t know of anyone who
wants a lower conversion rate, but I do
know plenty of people who don’t test. Whether they realize it or not, they are settling for
less than they’re capable of achieving.
How often have you gone to a marketing or copywriting forum and
heard someone talk about testing?
How does my headline look? Is this a good price to sell my video agency studio review? What kind of font
should I use? What’s the best ending digit for a price? Should I send them to an opt-in
page first, or send them straight to my sales letter? Will a picture of me help to add more
credibility and lead to more sales? Should I use a header graphic?
And what’s the answer that marketing veterans and novices alike always give in
You guessed right!
“Test it.”
And while that answer is probably the right one for those types of questions, it’s amazing
to me how many people know about testing (in theory anyway) and still don’t practice
what they preach. Still others know they should test but have no idea how to do it
properly, even if they
think they know.
The nice thing about testing is that it doesn’t require a lot of marketing know-how to do
it. Anyone with a few basic tools and a solid understanding of the basics can run circles
around some so-called marketing “gurus” when it comes to testing. I hate to use the ‘ol
cliché, but it definitely
ain’t rocket science.
So let’s start by going over some of the basics.
The two main goals of testing are to…
– Spend less money to acquire customers

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Hijax Review – The World’s Most Powerful Affiliate Marketing System

Hijax Review – The World’s Most Powerful Affiliate Marketing System

Official Site:

Overview: When I say “shortcut” what comes to your mind? Think about it for just a
second. When I say “shortcut” what comes to your mind? You likely envision
something that is “faster”, something that is “easier”, something that gives an
“advantage”, something that “reduces expenses or effort” – all of which are highly
desirable. We all want to take the hijax review in life – the easiest, fastest, most
advantageous path to our destination. Which explains why this subject line continues to
be among my most opened in my niche marketing. It doesn’t matter if it’s rose gardening
or entertaining in-laws or boosting metabolism or racing radio-controlled cars, we all
want a shortcut.

Here’s a shortcut for getting a great job
Here’s a shortcut for creating an ebook
Here’s a shortcut for boosting your memory
Here’s a shortcut for becoming a day trader
Here’s a shortcut for learning to play piano

Tip: Let me also give you just a quick tip here for really producing profit with this
particular subject line. When you can tie in some kind of product, software or service
that fully or semi-automates the hijax review, then you’ve got a very good chance of getting
the sale.
Just a quick, very generic example: I might share that a shortcut to success with customer
support is to have a text file with my most asked questions and my responses to those
questions so when a new customer asks a question all I have to do is copy and paste my
response instead of retyping out a response. That’s a shortcut. Now, I could also
PROMOTE an autoresponder service that would actually automate the process of getting
those answers to the customer, I could promote a package of template responses to the
most asked questions, I could promote a customer-service help desk software or even a
third-party company that provides hijax review
The point is this: If you can provide your subscribers with a quality shortcut, but then
also promote a product, software program or service that automates that shortcut, you’re
likely to get a sale.

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ViraSoci Review – The Viral Traffic Software – GlennReview

ViraSoci Review – The Viral Traffic Software – GlennReview

Official Site:

How to improve your putting by at least 25% practicing only 10 minutes a day
2. The terrible danger of trying to mimic the “pros” when putting from 25 feet out or longer
3. How to safeguard your stance to prevent yourself from overshooting your putts
4. A myth shattering trick on how to read the slope of any green you’re on
5. The shameful piece of advice almost every putting instructional video gives you – and why it is
6. How to get yourself into the “zone” to automatically improve your putting (a skill you can learn in
3 minutes that will instantly take strokes off your virasoci review)
7. And more!
To access this free information, simply fill in your name and a valid email and click “free
instant access now!”
And then, of course, you’d put your auto responder form next. I just made the bullets up
off of the top of my head, in about two minutes using my own personal bullet point swipe
Naturally, you’d write your bullet points around the topics and interesting stuff in your
So that’s your first landing page. Use both headlines and test it to see which is better. For
the second style of landing page, it’d work something like virasoci review :
“Secrets Most Golfer Will Never
Know About Putting…”
Dear Golfer,
Frankly, I’m fed up with the crap that is being spread around the internet by so-called golf pros and
instructors. Most of it is wrong. Why do they continually mislead us? Well, it’s simple – they make a lot of
money by selling stuff to you over and over again.
Think about it – if you buy one product of theirs on putting, and it doesn’t wo rk, then they can say that it’s
your fault… perhaps you didn’t use the right “mindset”… and of course they’ll show you the right mindset,
but it’s going to cost you some more money.
In other words, most are just flat out lying to you, when it comes do wn to what to do and how to do it. So
I’m getting my revenge right here on this virasoci review. I’ve played golf for over 20 years, and had the fortune to
learn from insiders, exactly what to do and how to do it.

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GifPublishr Review – Set-and-Forget Technology Lets Explode Your Audience Reach With GIFs

GifPublishr Review – Set-and-Forget Technology Lets Explode Your Audience Reach With GIFs

Official Site:

The amazing 10 minute strategy used religiously by the most overworked people in the
world… to have better gifpublishr review , more energy and supercharged brainpower
How to quickly “sketch” any bad guy in your mind – using only those things that he
cannot disguise or change to fool you later (like in a police lineup, or another place as he
continues to stalk you!)
The ingenious “info recycling” technique that a lot of famous publishers use to bring in
droves of new subscribers (and hundreds of thousands of dollars) without doing a minute
worth of extra work!
Bullet Point Writing System
Now that you are familiar with the different gifpublishr review of bullet points, and how to write
them, now it’s time to write bullet points for specific products and services.
There is a simple way to do this. All you’re going to do is read through the whole product,
or listen to it/watch it, and analyze the information.
Every time you come across something of interest, and/or of benefit to the reader stop
and “twist it”.
Let me give you some examples.
I am currently looking at a book right now called “up the loyalty ladder” by Murray
Raphel. It’s a business book. I randomly flipped it open to a page which starts out saying:
“Here’s a simple little technique to increase your gifpublishr review that will take you about 15
minutes a day. On average, it will build your volume at least 10 percent a year or more.
We have received hundreds of letters saying it works (and one saying it didn’t). The
concept is so simple, so easy, you will wonder why no one ever told you how it worked
It involves making four contacts every day. And you have four choices: by phone, by mail,
in person, or by reference”.
Keep in mind, this book was written before email or fax existed. But that’s not the point.
The point is how to turn that above paragraph into a bullet point.
Here’s how I’d do it:
A 15 minute a-day exercise that will build you business by at least 10 percent or more a
year (and we got hundreds of letters from business owners to prove it!)

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