Social Page Analyzer Review – A Package to Save Hours of Work

Social Page Analyzer Review – A Package to Save Hours of Work

Official site:

Now I know that I said previously that going after BUYER leads and traffic is the
way to go but with this method what I‟ve found is that because the traffic is laser
targeted anyway; you can still create some pretty amazing results with it.
So what kinds of offers do people best react to when they want to download
these social page analyzer review as a free WSO?
Now of course this depends on what your current products are about and
whether they cater to a need that this particular group of people are looking for.
But here are some ideas just in case you were wondering:
1. Case Studies – Where you share any REAL TIME results you‟ve had online
with any particular methods you‟ve tried.
2. Traffic – Always a BIG social page analyzer review as people always want to know how to get more
traffic for their business.
3. SEO – Google rankings etc.
4. Software/Plug-ins etc.
5. YouTube – How to get more exposure from video marketing etc.
6. List Building – Always a popular one especially if you can provide any hard
evidence that you‟re successful with it.
7. General money making methods.
8. Blogging.
There‟s a TON more I could mention of course but I think you get the idea.
So the main aim of launching FREE social page analyzer review ‟s is to get as many targeted leads into your
business and then filter those leads down into your sales funnel and then make
more sales for your business.
You‟ll offer something of real value for free and then once those visitors click on the
link to get their free gift they will be met by your opt in form/page where they‟ll then
enter their email and in return for that email they will get your free product.
PLEASE NOTE: Very recently Warrior Plus has allowed you to create a payment
button that has the word “FREE” on it so that when someone clicks on that button
they then need to enter their email address and they will then be automatically
added to your list.

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