Alterzon Review — The ‘All-in-one’ Affiliate Marketing Solution

Alterzon Review – The ‘All-in-one’ Affiliate Marketing Solution

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I stumbled across this situation with size years ago when I created a post about toilets. Yup
– toilets. (Believe me, there was no time in my alterzon review before that where I foresaw myself ever
writing about toilets!)
I was using a low competition keyword strategy and writing about any and every keyword I
could find that fit that strategy and there happened to be a keyword that related to small
While searching Amazon to find small toilets I realized that it was absolutely impossible.
First, not all toilet product descriptions included dimensions. Second, the phrase “small
toilet” when searched in Amazon didn’t really bring up all small toilets – it brought up all
The keyword I was targeting had only a couple of hundred searches a month but it had
weak competition when I looked at what was already ranking on the first page of Google
and I was certain that if I could find the alterzon review that were really the smallest I’d have a great
post on my hands.
So, I rolled up my sleeves and started looking at any toilet on Amazon that seemed to be
small. If dimensions weren’t listed, I went to the manufacturer’s site and dug them up. If
they weren’t listed on the manufacturer’s site, I contacted a seller or the manufacturer for
the information.
I created a spreadsheet for tracking the alterzon review by product so that I could eventually
identify the product choices that were relatively smaller than all the other options.
In the past 3 years, I have sold 402 toilets and toilet related items worth $76,287.74 in
revenue and received $5,629.93 in commissions from those sales……from one
post…..targeting a keyword with only a couple of hundred searches a month……that I wrote
3 years ago.
Over 100 of those sales are from 2016 so it’s not as if this post did well the first year and
then drifted off to never-never-land. It’s consistently earning year after year.
Some of these products cost over $500 – here are sales of just ONE make and model that
costs over $500 (total commissions circled in red):

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