WP Secure Review – Keep annoying hackers away from your WordPress with this tool

WP Secure Review – Keep annoying hackers away from your WordPress with this tool

Official site: https://goo.gl/3hqBVD

This way you‟ll be able to keep those who have cancelled with you from being able
to log into the WordPress members area after they have stopped paying their
wp secure review
It‟s a bit messy doing things this way but I say it‟s far better to start your
membership site and start taking payments than DOING NOTHING for 12 months
and being no further ahead than when you first began.
I mean who cares if you do find one or two members getting access to your site for
FREE for a few days if you have 100 members paying you $17, $27, $47 or
$97 every single month!
You can always then re-invest some of your wp secure review   into a PAID membership
Wordpress plug-in that automates all of this for you once you have some momentum
and consistency from your membership sites.
“So how do my new members get access to their new passwords once
they’ve joined my wp secure review ?
Good question.
That is going to be covered right now so let‟s continue with the FREE theme shall
We‟ll soon be moving onto some PAID WordPress membership plug-ins that
automates most things for you but before we do I wanted to show you how you can
easily add your NEW PAYING MEMBERS onto an email list through your
email auto-responder via Warrior Plus.
So as soon your new member pays for their first month‟s worth of content at Paypal
they will be added to that list and you then set up your email auto-responder to
send them an email with their usernames and passwords so they can get access to
their content right away.
So step 1 is your new members will pay to get access as shown below:

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EverFunnel Review – Marketing Platform Brings Everything for Selling Course Online

EverFunnel Review – Marketing Platform Brings Everything for Selling Course Online

Official Site: https://goo.gl/r4W5pt

Software – Yes again I‟ve seen everfunnel review being sold that gets people top
rankings on Google by giving Google what it wants. This could be some kind
of content and SEO type tool people would be clambering over each other to
get their hands on
5. Ready Made Sales Funnel with PLR – Yes at the time of writing this there is
currently a WSO being sold at the Warrior Forum that comes ready made as a
PROVEN to convert sales funnel with squeeze pages, OTO‟s, give away
reports, thank you pages and everything else you could ever need.
Guess what? This is a WordPress plug-in sales funnel were talking about here too.
And it got WSO of the day & week too! So our main point here is that you shouldn‟t
rush into buying any old run of the mill PLR and throw it out there and hope for the
There are some fantastic PLR packages out there (especially at the Warrior Forum)
that you can steal and use as your own, change the sales page, give it a new name,
put your own name onto it and sell it as a WSO as part of your new everfunnel review
Yes this particular PLR package actually allowed you to “Rebrand” and “Rename” the
product too. How simple and effective is that?
Obviously these sorts of opportunities aren‟t on the Warrior Forum every single day.
Some days you won‟t be able to find anything at all; but it‟s well worth spending
some time looking around and getting some ideas as to what is actually selling out
there by the bucket loads.
Now let‟s look at using the everfunnel review & skills you may already have at your disposal
that you could create a hot product around.
and think about any (or all) of the products you‟ve purchased in the past from
other online marketers that are sitting on your desktop computer collecting
Have you actually used them in the past and have forgotten that you may
have picked up some pretty decent skills, tricks, tips and strategies under
your marketing hat that others may well pay you handsomely for?
In other words; what skills do you already posses that you could easily create a
product around?
Are there any HOT products that are being sold on the Warrior Forum, JV Zoo or
Clickbank right now that match your skill set?

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SEnuke TNG Review – An optimal method to boost your ranking on Google!

SEnuke TNG Review – An optimal method to boost your ranking on Google!

Official site: https://goo.gl/f9US4o

Now it‟s time to bundle those products up and create what is known as a
One that PAYS you anywhere from $10, $17, $27, $47, $97, $297 per month online
depending on what price you wish to charge for this service of course.
I have recurring services that charge $17, $27, $47, $97 all the way up to $800 per
month depending on what the senuke tng review is and how much time I need to spend with
someone to help them build their own successful online business.
Getting paid every single month is such a great feeling because it‟s cash on DEMAND
meaning that no matter what happens from month to month in your business; you
know that you‟re going to get paid.
Okay let‟s get into the MEAT of this senuke tng review of the process shall we?
You‟ve already got the content you‟ve created from previous steps of this system so
now it‟s time to look at some potential earning figures from creating these passive
income recurring payment machines.
For example how do these figures sound?
1. You create ONE membership site charging just $17 a month per
2. Your sales page is converting at anywhere from 5% – 10%
3. That means for every 100 visitors you can add 5 – 10 members into
your site.
4. You drive just 1,000 visitors to your sales page.
5. That’s a possible 50 – 100 members each paying you $17 a month.
6. That’s a possible EXTRA $850 – $1,700 in your bank account every
month for setting up a simple senuke tng review just ONCE!!!
So please don‟t allow the thought of knowing how to create content put you off. And
if you DON‟T have any content to bundle up together as yet I‟m going to throw in
some RAPID action product creation ideas as nice BONUS below:

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WP Smart Tags Review – Unique tagging and automation plugin

WP Smart Tags Review – Unique tagging and automation plugin

Official site: https://goo.gl/RrqZLx

Again it is all pretty much “wp smart tags review” stuff!
You‟re allowing your ATM system to take charge and send you automatic payments
even when you‟re out doing the things you love like spending time with your friends
or family for example.
That‟s why you need to take this system seriously if you want to get paid every
single day without fail for doing something once and allowing it to do most of the leg
work for you.
Well it all depends on how high the demand is for what you have to offer and
whether you‟re set up correct and in full working order so you can turn as many
browsers as possible into fully fledged BUYERS.
Here‟s the thing; YOU already have the advantage of owning a vault of ready made
BONUS products that you created using method #1 of this wp smart tags review
One greater advantage to that is that you already know that your kind of products
will be in great demand due to the fact that you‟ve already kept them well targeted
to BIG product launches to use as bonus products.
And of course these marketers who do the BIG launches are well up to speed on
what is hot in that particular niche.
So really if you‟ve been following these steps to a tee, then you can pretty much go
ahead and release a FREE WSO once or twice per week if you wanted to.
Let‟s say you could get anywhere from 50 – 500 subscribers per FREE WSO (easily
do-able) and get 10% of those to BUY from you using the same methods I‟ve just
shared with you; that‟s at least 200 BUYERS per month and that would add up to
2,400 BUYERS each YEAR added to your wp smart tags review.
That is looking at the HIGH end of things of course so please be patient with this
and allow for some minor tweaking here and there too before you get to where you
want to be.
And of course all you need to do then is to keep using those BUYERS to further FUEL
this amazing machine that keeps on sending you a multitude of payments every
single day working only a few hours per week once you‟re got them going.
Okay let‟s move onto the next step.

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Social Page Analyzer Review – A Package to Save Hours of Work

Social Page Analyzer Review – A Package to Save Hours of Work

Official site: https://goo.gl/3UGcZ8

Now I know that I said previously that going after BUYER leads and traffic is the
way to go but with this method what I‟ve found is that because the traffic is laser
targeted anyway; you can still create some pretty amazing results with it.
So what kinds of offers do people best react to when they want to download
these social page analyzer review as a free WSO?
Now of course this depends on what your current products are about and
whether they cater to a need that this particular group of people are looking for.
But here are some ideas just in case you were wondering:
1. Case Studies – Where you share any REAL TIME results you‟ve had online
with any particular methods you‟ve tried.
2. Traffic – Always a BIG social page analyzer review as people always want to know how to get more
traffic for their business.
3. SEO – Google rankings etc.
4. Software/Plug-ins etc.
5. YouTube – How to get more exposure from video marketing etc.
6. List Building – Always a popular one especially if you can provide any hard
evidence that you‟re successful with it.
7. General money making methods.
8. Blogging.
There‟s a TON more I could mention of course but I think you get the idea.
So the main aim of launching FREE social page analyzer review ‟s is to get as many targeted leads into your
business and then filter those leads down into your sales funnel and then make
more sales for your business.
You‟ll offer something of real value for free and then once those visitors click on the
link to get their free gift they will be met by your opt in form/page where they‟ll then
enter their email and in return for that email they will get your free product.
PLEASE NOTE: Very recently Warrior Plus has allowed you to create a payment
button that has the word “FREE” on it so that when someone clicks on that button
they then need to enter their email address and they will then be automatically
added to your list.

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Fusion Review — How a newbie can boost $160.43 in a day?

Fusion Review – How a newbie can boost $160.43 in a day?

Official site: https://goo.gl/HyrHqT

I mean just imagine how quickly you could GROW your BUYER lists if you touched
base with other marketers who launch BIG fusion review online just a handful of times
each and every month for the next 6 – 12 months.
Remember these guys get THOUSANDS UPON THOUSANDS of people hitting their
sales pages come launch day.
Just think about that for a second here guys.
Okay with that said let‟s move onto STEP 2 of this 24/7 ATM Daily Cash Payments
System shall we?
STEP #2 – The 30 minutes per day “Cash
Bonanza” info system.
Okay so let‟s now assume that you took action on the first fusion review  that showed you
how to shovel HUGE amounts of buyers into your business and you now have gained
some much needed momentum you can now take full advantage of and take to the
next level.
The first method I showed you should only take you a few hours per week to get
So that leaves you with more than enough time to be able to add another
“Extremely Powerful” income stream into your 24/7 Cash System working just 30
minutes per day in most cases.
Once you get going with this it shall take much less time too because you‟ll become
more effective and time efficient as you progress with fusion review.
You see once you have a list of buyers to play with and you have started making
money from that list of buyers by sending relevant affiliate offers out to them; you
can now begin to SHARE your results/skills you‟ve picked up etc along the way.
This is where the “30 minutes per day” method can take what you‟re currently
earning from “Step #1” and EXPLODE your incomes wide open.
So what does this step require you to do for just 30 minutes per day?
You’ll be CREATING CONTENT every single day for just 30 minutes!!!
That‟s it.

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Vidinflux Review — A Tool That Can Add More Colours to Your Videos

Vidinflux Review – A Tool That Can Add More Colours to Your Videos

Official site: https://goo.gl/Yv36F3

For the Warrior forum and JV Zoo sites you can do a simple search for “PLR” in their
search bars to find and source great vidinflux review you can buy right off the bat.
And of course for those of you who don‟t want to create a report you can also create
a VIDEO instead.
Videos can take much less time in terms of delivering your content because speaking
your words and sharing your materials is much FASTER than typing into a PDF
You can use screen recording software tools for this like CamStudio or Camtasia and
you can fins many more online by doing a simple search for “screen recording tools”
via the search engines.
Of course you‟ll need a microphone and maybe something like “vidinflux review” or
something similar so you can record what you‟re trying to teach others by using
slides whilst you teach it.
As for creating a PDF you can use Microsoft Word and once you‟ve created your
report you can then save it as a “PDF” downloadable product.
Okay so now you know where to find these TOP PRODUCT creators, the websites to
find and locate the TOP product launches and how to create a TOP BONUS product;
it‟s now time to use some “NINJA” tactics to get yourself in front of these creators so
you can “SUCK IN” some proven BUYERS from their vidinflux review/thank you pages
come launch day.
Technique #1 – Offer the marketer a valuable service they‟ll appreciate
Price Range/Your Investment – $0 – $3,000
Think about any technical or any other kind of skills you could bring to the launch in
return for getting TONS of visitors to your own offers via the download pages.
Of course you could also “Outsource” some of these following ideas and see a
MASSIVE return on your investment but if you can offer some of them yourself then
of course you‟ll only be investing your time in exchange for some serious buyer
traffic hitting your own offers come launch day.

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Playtraffic Review — Get unlimited video traffic with this brilliant tool!

Playtraffic Review – Get unlimited video traffic with this brilliant tool!

Official site: https://goo.gl/Lff724

There are a number of ways to use this playtraffic review  and I want to get you thinking about those
right away.
Multiple Products
You can increase your earnings per visitor by thinking about products where people buy
more than one at a time. This has long been a favorite strategy of mine.
Think about bath towels, barstools, chairs, and chair cushions where people don’t buy just
one but often buy sets or multiple pieces at a time when the product is only sold
Home Remodeling
The toilet post makes a huge number of cross sells because it seems when people buy a
toilet they also buy bathroom fixtures, flooring, and installation material. Hint: they’re
Think about other kinds of items that people buy when they’re remodeling a home in their
house and they need to buy playtraffic review that’s a certain size in order to fit that space. You’ll
find you sell a lot more than just the items featured in your post and you get commissions
on all of them that are purchased at the same time through Amazon when your affiliate
cookie is in place.
Appliance Internal Dimensions
This is a big opportunity! Lots of consumers want appliances that are small in total size but
have a large capacity interior – dishwashers, microwaves, and toaster ovens come to mind.
It’s hard to find the interior dimensions of some of these products and certainly so on
Amazon. Be the person who pulls that important set of product specs together in one place so
consumers can buy the largest capacity item and they’ll be thrilled they found your site.
Making a Whole Site
Yes, you can absolutely do an entire playtraffic review with just these kinds of posts. Just come up with
an “angle” to keep your site content focused. By talking about only one room of a house or
by focusing on products where multiple posts are going to appeal to a single visitor you’ll
improve your ability to rank and keep visitors on your site longer (which could result in
more sales).
For example, you could do a whole site on items that fit a small kitchen, or a whole site on
items that fit small bathrooms or a whole site on items that fit a small garage.
A visitor to such a site is going to be interested in all of your posts – not just find one post
that helps them and then flash away never to be seen again.
Another approach would be to focus on a kind of home (RV, tiny houses, apartments,
vacation homes) and use the Amazon Exploit post strategy to create posts for the products
that fit that kind of home. You have no idea how I’d love to do a site on products for tiny
houses but I have neither the time nor the experience of living in one to actually write
knowledgeably about them. I just like what I see on TV.
This is an ideal kind of site to match with Pinterest for more traffic. Pinterest has a heavy
concentration of interest in home goods, remodeling, DIY, and home decorating.

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Alterzon Review — The ‘All-in-one’ Affiliate Marketing Solution

Alterzon Review – The ‘All-in-one’ Affiliate Marketing Solution

Official site: https://goo.gl/nRsmyx

I stumbled across this situation with size years ago when I created a post about toilets. Yup
– toilets. (Believe me, there was no time in my alterzon review before that where I foresaw myself ever
writing about toilets!)
I was using a low competition keyword strategy and writing about any and every keyword I
could find that fit that strategy and there happened to be a keyword that related to small
While searching Amazon to find small toilets I realized that it was absolutely impossible.
First, not all toilet product descriptions included dimensions. Second, the phrase “small
toilet” when searched in Amazon didn’t really bring up all small toilets – it brought up all
The keyword I was targeting had only a couple of hundred searches a month but it had
weak competition when I looked at what was already ranking on the first page of Google
and I was certain that if I could find the alterzon review that were really the smallest I’d have a great
post on my hands.
So, I rolled up my sleeves and started looking at any toilet on Amazon that seemed to be
small. If dimensions weren’t listed, I went to the manufacturer’s site and dug them up. If
they weren’t listed on the manufacturer’s site, I contacted a seller or the manufacturer for
the information.
I created a spreadsheet for tracking the alterzon review by product so that I could eventually
identify the product choices that were relatively smaller than all the other options.
In the past 3 years, I have sold 402 toilets and toilet related items worth $76,287.74 in
revenue and received $5,629.93 in commissions from those sales……from one
post…..targeting a keyword with only a couple of hundred searches a month……that I wrote
3 years ago.
Over 100 of those sales are from 2016 so it’s not as if this post did well the first year and
then drifted off to never-never-land. It’s consistently earning year after year.
Some of these products cost over $500 – here are sales of just ONE make and model that
costs over $500 (total commissions circled in red):

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Commission Cobra Review – An incredible method to generate more sales!

Commission Cobra Review – An incredible method to generate more sales!

Official site: https://goo.gl/U2vrCv

Amazon has a large affiliate program that has been around since
well before I got into internet marketing. The great thing about
monetizing with Amazon is the fact that once the visitor clicks on one
of the Amazon links on your site, it places a tracking cookie on their
computer. If they purchase ANYTHING from Amazon within the next
14 days, you will receive credit for it. So they don‟t even have to
purchase what you were trying to sell them in order to get credit for
the sale, pretty cool huh?
Combining Them All
There is nothing that says you can‟t combine all three monetization
methods. I personally don‟t, but it is something I have thought about
doing in the past.
If you feel like a ClickBank product would be a good fit for a certain
commission cobra review, promote the product! If you feel like an Amazon product would
be a good fit for a certain post, promote the Amazon product!I hate it when products give you all this information but never really
give you a “gameplan” on how to apply commission cobra review all.
Because of that, I am going to give you a gameplan so you can see
how awesome this blogging system is when all the pieces are put
I want you to think about the way your blog is set up right now. Some
of you might have already realized the power of the way your blog is
set up, but some of you might have not realized it yet. There are
three POWERFUL things your blog has.
1) A Sign Up Form
The first thing your blog has is a sign up form so people can join your
commission cobra review in exchange for a free gift. Over time, this list is going to
get very big.
You will get to the point where all you have to do is write an article,
send out an email to your list with a link to the article, and then enjoy
the traffic and money :).
2) A Facebook FanBox
Having a Facebook FanBox is incredibly powerful and can help you
build a huge fan base on Facebook. For some reason very few
people actually take the time to do this, but when it‟s done it‟s
almost more powerful than a mailing list!

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