Converzly Review – Revolutionary Solution of Web-Builder

Converzly Review – Revolutionary Solution of Web-Builder

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Advantages Of Routing Visitors Through A Landing Page
By now, you have probably figured out that I usually lean towards making
my own converzly review . Maybe I’m a little paranoid, but I like to keep my
own statistics. I can track visitors on my own website, and if they are very
different from the numbers that the advertising platform or affiliate
program show me, I know that there is a problem somewhere.
But mostly, I guess I just believe in second chances. In my own
experience, some percentage of people will perform the action that I
need to make some money, but a greater percentage won’t cooperate.
Even if I have a great offer that converts at twenty percent, that still
leaves eighty percent of my traffic who did not find that the offer was the
thing they were looking for.
If you route visitors to a converzly review on your own website, you have a
chance to grab the rest of the folks who just aren’t buying that offer
Who knows why some people buy and some people don’t? We sure
 Maybe they will buy tomorrow, and that is a good reason to try to
capture their emails on your subscription list or encourage them to
bookmark your website.
 They could be looking into something for a friend, and you want
them to pass your site link along to their friend, and you do not
want them to pass on the advertiser’s page because you might not
get credit for the sale.
 Maybe they want to buy something that is slightly different, and you
might have some other offers on your converzly reviewthat are more
The risk here is that you might offer so many alternatives that you will
distract your visitors. But if you use your own website, you have a better
chance to come up with the perfect mix of offers and opportunities that
can help you earn the most money.
Yeah, I lean towards routing traffic through my own site. But many top
marketers simply send customers directly from an advertisement trough
their affiliate program linking code, and they do very well.
The right answer for you probably depends upon your product, the traffic,
and your skills. You might test both methods to see which one produces
the most money.

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