Vidello Review – Where Video meet Marketing

Vidello Review – Where Video meet Marketing

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Each one has its own rules, vidello review and application process instructions,so be sure to check them out carefully before deciding whether or not eachis right for you. CPA Website TechniquesWe’ve already discussed picking a domain name, and getting a basic blog setup. We’ve also spoken about the 10 token articles you’re going to populatethis blog with (or slightly more than 10.)

ContentOne thing to note that will make a huge difference: If you do treat your blogposts as “token articles”, your site will fall flat, with low conversion or clickthrough rates. You really do need to be offering visitors valuable contentthey can really use.That means specific information. “Car insurance is a good thing” is not asentence likely to grab your reader’s attention.

“Here’s a handy checklist offeatures your insurance should have” promises specific information thereader is going to be able to use, to help himself get superior insurance thatreally meets his needs.It really is worth digging round a little in your research, to come up withjuicy facts that no other site offers – ones suggested by the keyword phraseyour reader is searching with.We’ve spoken about some popular categories, like debt relief and credit cardscores. Anti-aging skin care is another highly converting category.What I’ve found has worked well for me with these: adding a personalanecdote the reader can identify with.This doesn’t mean pages of personal history – just a one or two vidello review, talking about one specific aspect, before continuing smoothly withspecific facts showing the reader how I solved this problem.

(Example:Trying coconut oil products, and being really pleased with the results – butnot realizing how this oil absolutely doesn’t let your skin “breathe”, and canactually cause serious problems – not to mention the worst acne breakoutI’ve had since my teenage years! I actually got a lot of comments – and alot of click throughs on my related CPA insertions – with that particular blogpost!)The other great thing about the Skin Care/Anti-Ageing category: There areoften CPA offers for samples of a free product in exchange for contactinformation.

These offers work really well for this category!To get back to our general methods of content creation, you can write theblog posts yourself, use PLR or have them ghostwritten specifically for you. Since you’re just starting out, free PLR may even be your only option at themoment. However, if you do use PLR, don’t drop the posts in “as is”.

Notonly is PLR deliberately generic and vidello review, but you may find your siteshunned by Google, who will read it as “duplicate content.”You couldn’t do anything worse for your marketing efforts than have thathappen!PLR is meant to give you a “skeleton” structure, cutting out most of theResearch phase that usually goes into writing good blog posts. Make sureyou totally re-word the articles. Re-write every sentence. Mix them up. Cutout sections.

Add new sections in. Beef up statements by adding specificfacts that will interest your reader.But never, never, ever leave PLR posts in their original form. Ads And Website ColorsOne trick used successfully by top marketers: Pick colors for your site that blend with your ads. Contrary to popular belief, ads that “leap out” andassault your eyeballs do not result in good click through rates.(Avoid flashing or moving ads – testing shows that they annoy more readersthan they entice!)Everything on your page should subtly draw attention to your ads – thereshould be no sumptuous graphics to distract from them.On the other hand, make sure your pages are visually interesting and notcrammed with hard-to-read text.

People like to scan, looking for highpoints, when they’re checking out an article. Lots of “white space” helps withthis, as do bullet points and subheads in your articles. Types Of Ads You DisplayThere are a variety of ads you’ll be offered for each product. Select the oneyou feel works best with your website, and is the least obtrusive.Types of ads usually fall into these categories: ? Banners ? Email ? Newsletter ? Pay Per Click (PPC ? Popups ? Search Engine Optimization (SEO) ? Text LinksWith banners, text links and PPC, you have the option of starting out by justmerely inserting them in relevant content on a web page.

However, themore you do to encourage people to click on them, the better. This does not mean asking people to click on the ads! In fact, whatever you do,don’t allow friends and relatives to repeatedly click on your ads – it will benoticed, and you will be penalized.The best way to encourage click through is to make clicking on your adsseem like a natural step when your interested reader explores your page.That’s where those targeted blog posts come in and highly relevant offerscome in.

The Importance Of TrackingThe best way to keep your offers converting well is to pay attention to yourtracking. Don’t ignore this aspect of CPA marketing – it is really easy totweak or change ads for a site, based on your results. At the very least, you should have Google Analytics installed on your site –paste the code right at the bottom of your HTML, immediately before the</BODY></HTML> tags.You can also use tracking tools, such as Prosper202 (which is free and fairlyeasy to use). Another popular tool is DirectTrack.Another program I’ve heard positive comments about: Statsrobot.

Actually,I just checked the sales page out for the first time, and not only is it free, itlooks easy to use, focusing directly on keeping track of CPA network stats:Which is exactly what you want!Whatever program you use, however, make sure it tracks clicks, not justsales. Keeping track of clicks is your real key to CPA success. Where To Get Free CPA InformationA good place to find really blunt, honest feedback is WarriorForum.

Youdon’t have to join – just search for “CPA” in the WF search box. This is thefirst place I go to, when I want tips on a marketing method or feedback on asoftware program. I don’t waste time wading my way through blog sitesfilled with biased “reviews” on Google.

And you’ll often find excellent SpecialOffers targeted for the subject you’re researching.Wishing you much success with CPA rewards!

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